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Hollis Daniels Arrest Video Viral On Reddit: Life Sentence, Murder

As Hollis Daniels is being sentenced to life after a Capital Murder trial, the video of him getting arrested after the crime is going viral on the internet.

Hollis Daniels, then a 19-year-old college student at Texas Tech University, shot and killed a Police officer.

Additionally, he was born Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels. Similarly, his father, Dany Daniels, was a Seguin City Councilman.

On October 9, 2017, Hollis murdered Texas Tech police officer Floyd East Jr. at Texas Tech Police headquarters.

Moreover, at the time, authorities were questioning Hollis as a narcotics suspect.

Likewise, Hollis pleaded guilty to the deadly shooting of an Officer in 2017.

After the trial of Hollis Daniels, a video is going viral showing the last moments of Texas Tech Police Officer Floyd East Jr’s life, as people want to learn about the incident.

The Viral Video Of Hollis Daniels Explained

A video currently going viral around the internet was Officer Floyd East’s body camera recording.

As the video played, Hollis Daniels looked severe. The video is 30 minutes long.

Only the jury and legal teams played the video. They watched closely as each moment brought them closer to the time when Hollis shot the officer.

Before the shooting, the video showed officers taking Hollis Daniels into custody in his dorm room.

Officer Floyd said in the video that they smelled marijuana from the room.

Hollis Daniels being hand cuffed .
Hollis was 19 years old when he shot Officer Floyd East. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he added that there was a gunshot reported the previous night.

Furthermore, footage from an officer’s body camera showed them searching Hollis’ room but finding no evidence of the shooting.

However, they did find prescription pills and marijuana paraphernalia.

Later, Officer Floyd was there to complete paperwork for Hollis’ arrest on a drug charge.

Then, Hollis asked the officer about his children and if he had anyone at home.

After Officer Floyd answered yes, he pulled out a pistol he had hidden and shot Floyd in the head.

Officer Floyd in black and white with star in his side.
At the time of the murder, Officer Floyd East was 48 years old. (Source: Twitter)

After that, there were sounds of Hollis Daniels grabbing the officer’s body camera as he ran away.

He fled from the Texas Tech police station, but law enforcement captured him about 90 minutes later. Moreover, he had been in custody ever since that day.
As the video of Hollis Daniels committing a crime went viral on many social media platforms, people have been discussing the case on Reddit.

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Hollis Daniels Criminal Record: Where Is He Now?

Multiple felonies have been reported against the murderer, Hollis Daniels, to date.

Police arrested Hollis Daniels on September 23, 2016, for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On August 6, 2017, authorities arrested Hollis Daniels on a Capias Pro fine after he failed to pay a ticket issued to him for speeding.

Hollis walking surrounded by police .
25-year-old Hollis was sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Source: Twitter)

As per the record, he was speeding 10% above the posted speed limit in Guadalupe County, Texas.

Lastly, authorities charged Hollis with the capital murder of a police officer on October 10, 2017.

After deliberating for three days, the jurors sentenced him to life in prison without parole.

Hollis Daniels shot Officer East during a mental health crisis fueled by drug abuse.

Despite pleading guilty, he faced the full range of punishment.

The jury ultimately decided that while Daniels was a future danger, there were mitigating circumstances to spare him the death penalty.

The trial shed light on Daniels’ troubled history with drugs and mental health issues.

However, authorities did not disclose details about how Daniels got ahold of the weapon or who it belonged to.

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