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Is Robert Card Dead? Fate of Maine Mass Shooting Culprit

The mass shooting in Maine left civilians shocked to the core, and as news follows, many have one question, “Is Robert Card dead?”

Robert Card went on a shooting rampage on October 25, killing more than 18 people and injuring many.

Card started shooting at a crowded bowling alley and a local bar a few miles away.

Afterward, local police and federal agents launched a search against the armed and dangerous suspect.

The authorities released a surveillance image of the shooter wearing a brown sweatshirt and baggy pants.

Moreover, as the case progressed, authorities made other details about his personal life public.

Days have passed since the incident, and many wonder if the suspect, Robert Card, is dead.

Is Robert Card Dead? Fate of Maine Mass Shooting Culprit

Nearly two days later, the suspect in the deadliest mass shooting in Maine history remained at large.

However, on Friday night, police found Robert Card dead in Lisbon Falls.

Moreover, Libson is around a 20-minute drive from Lewiston, where the shooting took place.

Further, the Maine Public Safety Commission confirmed that Card died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Robert Card with a gun
Robert used a semi-automatic rifle to injure people. (Source: Twitter)

Investigators found the now-dead Robert Card in a dumpster near the recycling center where he worked.

Before the discovery, officials found a note in Card’s home addressed to his son.

Likewise, authorities found his mobile phone and a gun in a white Subaru identified as belonging to Card.

Moreover, he ditched his car at Pejepscot Boat Launch, according to sources.

Police are not sure whether he used a boat to flee on the water or if he left the car to set investigators down the wrong path.

Robert Card press conference
The governor of Maine addressed the civilians in a press conference. (Source: Twitter)

Now, the governor of Maine, Janet Mills, said she is “breathing a sigh of relief.”

She also added that the investigations will continue in order to bring closure to the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden said he would do everything in his power to end gun violence in the country.

Despite efforts, the authorities have not revealed Card’s true motive.

Card’s struggle with his mental health before he went on the killing spree could be a link to the shooting.

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Aftermath of Maine Mass Shooting

The authorities did not close the case after discovering Robert Card’s dead body.

A press conference was held soon after the findings to address the public about the situation.

Further, the shelter in shooting places was lifted as the authorities identified victims.

Many of the deceased were from the age of 14 to 74, as confirmed by the medical examiner on the case.

They included a bar manager who tried to stop the gunman, along with a bowling instructor who was teaching kids.

Robert Card shooting
The state of Maine is in deep shock after a horrifying mass shooting. (Source: Twitter)

Currently, investigators are looking into whether the suspect may have been targeting a specific individual.

People believed that Card was after a former girlfriend, but it wasn’t clear if she was at either of the two locations.

Meanwhile, authorities conducted an air search over the river and deployed divers to search for possible evidence.

Further, Attorney General Merrick Garland added,

Although we are grateful that the suspect in this case no longer poses a threat, we know that nothing can bring back the lives he stole or undo the terror he inflicted.

Card was a firearm instructor at the Army Reserve and was assigned to a training facility in Saco, Maine.

However, he had a mental health history, including a two-week stay at a mental health facility.

Also, previously, Card had threatened to shoot others in the military base after hearing voices.

Now, the case of Robert Card will go down as one of the most brutal mass shootings in Maine history.

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