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Is Robert Card Married? Wife, Son, Family Of Maine Mass Shooter

Robert Card is now a name that many despise all across the world for his actions. Now, people want details about him, with the central question remaining whether Robert Card is married.

Robert Card is a person who has shocked the entire nation of America with his crimes.

He is responsible for the recent tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine.

Robert’s hideous crime occurred at Just-In-Time Recreation and Schemengees Bar and Grille, leaving 18 people dead and many injured.

As the details of the horrific event circulate throughout the nation, his family background remains a big topic of curiosity.

The most heated question is whether Robert Card had a wife and how often he had been married.

Is Robert Card Married?: Military Background, Family Mystery, and Marital History

Many people were initially shocked when they learned that Robert Card was a military officer.

More specifically, he was an army reservist in the military camp that he was in.

While the world is now getting to know many intimate details of the mass shooter, his family details remain a mystery.

Robert Card mass shooting
People still question how Robert Card, a former Army, can do this. (Source: Twitter)

The identity of Robert Card’s parents and his siblings remains undisclosed. It seems like they like to keep it hidden.

However, they have made a statement in the media expressing their sadness.

Robert’s parent’s statement reads,

We’re agonized about what happened, and we want to share our sympathies to the families and musketeers of those who lost their lives or got hurt.

They also added that they never imagined their son would do this.

Meanwhile, we do have some details about his marital life. Sources found that Robert Card had married two times.

For some reason, both of the marriages ended in divorce.

However, no reports indicate whether Robert Card has married again after that.

As for kids, Robert Card has three children from one of his wives, but the details about them remain private.

Nevertheless, they are just kids, so their father’s actions should not hamper them.

Robert Card’s Family Reveals Mental Health Struggles And Tragic Actions

Talking about Robert Card’s family, we know he has a brother who has not come forward with his identity, but the brother’s wife has something to say.

Katie Card, his sister-in-law, adds that she has known Robert to be a very different person than what he has shown recently.

Robert Card
Robert Card’s case shows how one person’s cruel decision can destroy many families’ lives. (Source: Twitter)

According to her, she has always known Robert to be a very quiet, loving, and hardworking person.

However, in recent years, everyone in his family has worried about his mental health.

It was because Robert would say things about ‘hearing voices’ that would constantly criticize him.

It was getting extremely worse for him, making it hard to continue his daily life.

So, in the summer of 2023, he sought help in a mental health facility.

According to Katie Card, Robert was in the facility for two weeks by his own choice.

Robert Card Married
Robert Card looks like a normal person in his pictures, as his sister-in-law describes him. (Source: Twitter)

These details about the mass shooter shed light on how important it is to always check on our family’s mental health.

Although Robert’s actions are never justifiable, no matter what, details about his family would give more insights into his life.

There must have been various events that led him to make such a hideous decision without a sense of empathy.

He has now destroyed the lives of so many different families just by his actions, and the nation wants the answers.

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  1. No one really wants to know the answers to why Robert Card killed all those people. And what good would it do? No one is willing to do what it takes to help someone like this with severe mental health problems. Psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and mental health clinics are the most useless entities that exist. There have been hundreds of mass shootings in the past, and the perpetrators all had sought treatment within the mental health system, and that system failed them every time. And it always will. The people who run the mental health facilities are all unhealed themselves. No one really wants an answer to why because they would have to look deep within themselves to discover the answer. Everyone is too engaged with their own personal pain to want to help or understand someone like Robert Card.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better than that….I agree with it all….I think Robert Card and others like him are victims also to a Mental Health System that is USELESS! and how these so called professional people are paid the money they are paid to supposedly help people is disgusting they don’t deserve it they are incompetent and pathetic!….. they need more help then there patients!


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