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Jaekyung & Dan Steamy Scene! Jinx Chapter 39 Manhwa Spoilers

Among new BL manhwas, Jinx has been garnering much attention from the readers, and with an intense recent chapter, many await chapter 39 of Jinx.

Jinx is one of the trending ongoing series written and illustrated by Mingwa and published by Lezhin.

The story progresses with a  financially troubled physical therapist, Dan, and his relationship with the MMA fighter, Jaekyung.

Further, the relationship is quite unconventional as the fighter has a unique “jinx” that requires him to have prematch sex.

Thus far, Jinx has aired 38 chapters for the readers, each with crucial character development.

With the recent turn of events, fans have been anticipating the release of chapter 39 of Jinx and its possible outcomes.

Chapter 38 Recap: Drugged Dan Wants Jaekyung To Satisfy Him!

In chapter 38, Dan plops to the floor after drinking a nutrient drink delivered for Jaekyung.

The therapist feels a strange burn throughout his body, along with heavy breathing.

Further, Dan’s friends worry about his state and take him to their shared room, where they try to find a cure.

Moreover, they suggested the therapist see a doctor at the clinic as he was feeling quite dizzy.

Jinx chapter 39
The person who brought the drink is not revealed.

Following the conversation, one of them remembers the drink that Dan had.

The drink has caused excessive sweating and allergy-like reactions in the case of Dan.

Despite their effort, Dan assures that he will feel better after falling asleep as they had a tiring day.

Further, the therapist requests them to keep his condition a secret from Jaekyung and the others.

As Dan’s friends fall asleep, Dan tries hard to rest but can’t as he keeps getting hard.

Likewise, it was one of the stage side effects of the drink, and Dan tries his best to satisfy himself.

Jinx manhwa chapter
Dan is struggling to satisfy himself.

But, he is cautious as he is not the only person in their shared hotel room.

Despite his several attempts, Dan cannot achieve the same feeling he gets from having sex with Jaekyung.

Further, the drug in his body has heightened his senses, making him more sensitive than before.

Meanwhile, Jeakyung texts Dan to come to him at 11 p.m. However, Dan cannot control himself and immediately goes to Jaekyung.

At the end of the chapter, the fighter is quite surprised, and fans expect some action in Chapter 39 of Jinx.

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Jaekyung And Dan Steamy Scene!? Jinx Chapter 39 Manhwa Spoilers Reddit

After a cliffhanger ending, readers couldn’t wait to get their hands on spoilers for Jinx chapter 39.

In the last chapter, fans looked into the physical therapist’s new side as he frantically tried to calm his body.

Further, in any other context, Dan had never touched himself with other people around.

Jinx new chapter
Fans expect Dan to be more dominating. (Source: Twitter)

This was quite a bold addition to the character, and the leaks of chapter 39 might explore more.

As Dan reaches Jaekyung with his burning body, we can expect some steamy scenes between the two.

Moreover, Jaekyung might like the new color on Dan and take advantage of it to satisfy himself.

As much depends on this prematch sex, Jaekyung wants to do his best to win in the following important match.

Likewise, Jaekyung might try to get the same reaction from Dan later in the story, even when he is not under the influence.

Jinx spoilers
Jaekyung has a mixed reaction to Dan’s state. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is important to factor in that the fighter might get angry as Dan disobeyed his orders by dropping by early.

But as the focus of Jinx is set on Dan at the moment, chapter 39 leaks could have him explore his dominating and demanding side.

Many readers online hope that this chapter brings a balance in relation dynamics between the characters.

Similarly, this could be the final scene for the end of season one of the manhua and the fight.

Regardless, the new chapter, scheduled for November 12, will be an exciting read for the BL lovers.

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