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Yuta Will Use Limitless?! JJK chapter 251 Leaks, Spoilers, Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen is getting more and more interesting, and the battle between Sukuna, Yuta, and Yuji is getting intense, fans cannot wait to know what happens in Chapter 251 of JJK.

Chapter 250 of JJK ended with a very interesting cliffhanger.

Not only the viewers but the king of curse Sukuna himself was shocked to see Yuta replicating his curse technique and using it against him.

This has left the JJK fans in a big anticipation about what might take place next.

It appears that fans do not have to wait any longer to know the fate of their favorite characters in the manga.

The leaks and spoilers of chapter 251 of JJK have already made their way to the internet.

JJK Chapter 251: Sukuna Reveals A New Move, Yuji Takes His Last Shot For Megumi

Chapter 251 of JJK starts with Sukuna Talking to himself in disbelief.

He says, “This is my technique when did he copy it.”

Yuta goes on to explain that he used his last remaining Sukuna finger to copy the curse technique.

Yuta tell Sukuna about his finger
Sukuna unlike in the past chapters seemed very weak compared to Yuta and Yuji. (Source: Twitter)

Sukuna gets very aggressive and starts fighting Yuta and Yuji.

The battle gets very intense and it appears that this time Yuji is very determined to end Sukuna.

In chapter 251 of JJK, we get to see how Yuji is no less when it comes to using his power.

Previously Gege Akutami gave us a glimpse of Yuji’s strength as he shook Sukuna’s soul with his punches.

The leaks and spoilers suggest that in the upcoming chapter 251 of JJK Yuji will spit blood on Sukuna’s face.

After spitting blood on sukuna Yuji tells himself, “It is my last chance to defeat Sukuna and bring back Megumi.”

Out of nowhere, Rica joins the battle by slamming down Sukuna, this gives Yuji the perfect chance to kick Sukuna.

Meanwhile, Sukuna realizes that his power and output over Megumi’s body have become very dull.

This leads Sukuna to disable the Hollow Whisker Basket and instead reveal his World-Cutting Slash.

Sukuna Hollow Whisker Basket
Yuji and Yuta together make a great team giving their fans some hope. (Source: Twitter)

This time Yuji and Yuta are well prepared and were already aware of Sukuna’s next move.

This gives them the upper hand and they continue to attack Sukuna and try to tie him up.

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Yuji and Yuta’s Bold Moves Weaken Sukuna, Maki Joins The Battle: Will Yuta Use Limitless Technique?

Yuta and Yuji realize that they have finally been able to weaken the king of curses.

Yuta gets to rip off one of Sukuna’s arms and Yuji makes the blood that he spit on Sukuna’s face explode.

Yuji goes back to the past and remembers that souls can be combined but can never be merged entirely.

He is now more confident than ever that he can be able to wake up Megumi.

Yuta finally activates the Angel curse technique maximum output- Jacob slider.

JJK chapter 251
While Yuta and Yuji fans are very happy with the leaks of JJ 251, Sukuna fans are worrying about his fate. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Yuji continues to punch Sukuna and asks Megumi to wake up.

However, his attempts seem to go to waste as Megumi says that he has no will to live and does not care anymore.

Catching them off guard Sukuna attacks the trio with World Cutting Slash.

Finally, Maki enters the battle and pierces Sukuna with her soul splitter Katana.

According to the spoilers, Yuta does not use his Limitless technique in chapter 251 of JJk.

Mangaka JJK may be trying to save it for late episodes.

Currently, the spotlight is on Yuji and Sukuna, the battle doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

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