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Kelly Siegler Daughters: Meet Samantha And Kelsey Siegler

Having built a name for herself in the field of prosecution, many people have been asking about Kelly Siegler, including who her daughters are.

Kelly Siegler is a highly acknowledged and well-known figure in Texas.

She is a former Harris County, State of Texas, and has been the Bureau Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau.

This includes the Majority Offenders Division, the Majority Fraud Division, the Identity Theft Division, the Asset Forfeiture Division, and the Consumer Fraud Division.

Kelly started her career working at Harris County in the District Attorney’s Office. And now, she has successfully worked on around 20 trials.

In addition, While maintaining a high success rate in her work, she has worked on 20 murders with the death penalty and secured capital punishment in 19 of them.

Currently, she works as the staff of the Wharton County District Attorney after retiring from the prosecutor of Harris County District Attorney.

With the ongoing true crime series Prosecuting Evil With Kelly Siegler, netizens are curious to know about her personal life, including her daughters.

Meet Kelly Siegler Daughters, Samantha, And Kelsey Siegler

Besides building a name for herself as a prosecutor, Kelly Siegler is also a loving mother. 

She has given birth to two loving daughters, Samantha Siegler and Kelsey Siegler.

Samantha, born on March 13, 1993, is the eldest daughter, while Kelsey is two years younger as she was born on September 28, 1995.

In one of the Instagram posts, Kelly congratulated her daughter Kelsey for graduating from Tulane Law.

Meanwhile, Samantha is currently a corporate associate of Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Houston.

Kelly Siegler Daughters
Not much personal information is known about Kelly Siegler daughters. (Source: X)

As Kelly Siegler is open about her daughters’ personal lives, she once revealed the boyfriend of Samantha, Ryan.

Apart from the picture and relationship revelation, little about the pair’s relationship is available online.

Nonetheless, Kelly Siegler has always supported her daughters in pursuing their dreams and being together in their happiest and sad moments. 

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A Sneak Peek At Kelly Siegler Family

Taking about Kelly’s family, she grew up in a close-knit family as a daughter of Billy Jalufka and Evelyn. 

She is the second of three siblings and has an older brother named Blly Jr. and a younger sister named Lea. 

Her parents divorced when she was only thirteen. After their divorce, Billy, Kelly’s father, opened a barbershop and liquor store in Texas.

However, Evelyn died battling with cancer in 1999. 

While going through the hard time of her mother’s demise, her husband acted as a pillar of support for her. 

Kelly married Samuel Lewis Siegler II on July 9, 1988, a doctor who works in Houston, Texas. 

Kelly Siegler Family
Kelly Siegler is a well-known figure in the field of prosecution. (Source: Facebook)

The couple shares two loving daughters in their more than 34 years together. 

Despite being involved in several controversies in her career, Kelly’s family has never stopped supporting her. 

They have always encouraged her to achieve her dreams and do better in her work. 

From working as a prosecutor to being in a TV show, Cold Justice, she indeed came a long way thanks to the dedication and support she received. 

Though there were rumors that she just used the cold case of David Temple.

He was charged with murdering his pregnant wife to land on the TV show, but they were later denied.

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