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Matt Petgrave Parents: Where Are They Now? Nationality & Family

A video involving Matt Petgrave recently went viral, grabbing a lot of attention. People are now curious about his personal life, especially the parents of Matt Petgrave.

Matt Petgrave was born in Toronto, Canada. The 31-year-old Matt is a Canadian Hockey player. 

Further, he has been in various teams, including his current team, the Sheffield Steelers. He’s well-known in the hockey world for his skills and determination.

Likewise, Matt’s hockey journey started in the 2008-09 season when he played for the Bramalea Blues in the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL).

However, a tragic incident during a game against the Nottingham Panthers brought significant attention to Matt’s career.

Due to the increased interest in Matt Petgrave after this tragic incident, people are now curious to learn more about his personal life, including the parents of Matt Petgrave.

Parents Of Matt Petgrave: Family Detail

Matt Petgrave is a talented player for the Sheffield Steelers. Following his fame, people have been curious about the parents of Matt Petgrave.

However, Matt is a very private person and doesn’t share a lot of information about his personal life.

This leaves many details about his family unknown.

Meanwhile, it is known that he was born into a Canadian family to his parents, Priscilla and Steven Petgrave.

Moreover, Priscilla likely worked in cyber security, and Steven worked as a program manager at L-3 ES Communications.

Matt Petgrave side profile wearing cap
Matt Petgrave’s parents seem to be living a subtle life. (Source: Twitter)

Despite Matt’s private nature, it’s safe to assume that his parents have played an essential role in supporting his growing career.

Furthermore, Matt has a brother named Michael Petgrave.

He worked at Brampton Mitsubishi and attended Brampton Centennial Secondary School and the University of Guelph.

Unfortunately, Matt lost his grandmother, Avis May Delores Petgrave, at the age of 86 on February 29, 2016.

As for his relationship status, whether he’s married or single is not clear. Matt doesn’t share much on social media.

Meanwhile, due to the difficult time after the tragic incident in a game, it’s unclear where the parents of Matt Petgrave are at the moment.

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Is Matt Petgrave Charged With Murder After The Accident?

In 2009, Matt Petgrave started his professional hockey career with the Niagara IceDogs in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).

He gained recognition for his excellent skating and determination on the ice.

Recently, on October 28, 2023, a frightening incident occurred during a hockey game involving Petgrave.

During a Challenge Cup tie against the Panthers, Petgrave’s skate sliced Adam Johnson’s neck as he skated by.

The Panthers and the EIHL described this as a ‘freak accident.’

Adam Johnson wearing ice hockey dress
Police are investigating the death of US ice hockey player Adam Johnson. (Source: Twitter)

However, police are investigating Johnson’s death, and Petgrave has faced severe criticism, racial abuse, and even accusations of homicide.

After the incident, Adam Johnson suffered a severe neck injury, resulting in profuse bleeding.

Although he initially moved away, he later collapsed, and the game was stopped for urgent medical attention.

Tragically, Adam Johnson lost his life due to the injury, witnessed by 8,000 horrified spectators.

After this tragic incident, Matt Petgrave released a statement expressing his condolences and sadness.

He emphasized that it was an accident and never intended harm to Johnson.

Additionally, he extended his sympathies to Johnson’s family and friends, recognizing their profound loss.

Matt Petgrave during ice hockey game
The mainstream press is calling this accident a “freak accident.” (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, it is not sure if Matt Petgrave will face murder charges because the investigation is still in progress.

Still, fans of Adam and many hockey players have used social media to express their anger at Matt Petgrave.

Moreover, discussions on Reddit suggest that it might not have been an accident but an intentional act.

This incident highlights the risks and challenges that athletes like Matt Petgrave face in pursuing the sport they love.

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