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Max Fosh Wikipedia: Meet YouTuber Who Won Mr. Universe

From being a YouTuber to taking over the Mr. Universe stage, Max Fosh has left no stone unturned, and this new hype among the masses has increased the search for him on Wikipedia.

Maximilian Arthur Fosh, popularly known as Max Fosh, is a British YouTuber, radio host, and comedian.

A multi-talented personality, Max rose to prominence as a YouTuber.

To this date, he has successfully amassed over 3.34M subscribers on his official YouTube channel, thanks to his comedy videos and humorous style.

Before gaining hype in his career, Max had a good name through the online series StreetSmart.

He used to create a series of videos to interview University students and pedestrians.

Since then, Max Fosh has grown leaps and bounds in his journey, making people scour for his Wikipedia.

Max Fosh Wikipedia: How Old Is The YouTuber?

The recent news of Max Fosh’s win in the Mr. Universe has heightened his fame, leading to the broad internet surge for his Wikipedia, which unfortunately doesn’t exist.

However, fans can count on this article to help them get a sneak peek into his personal life.

Max Fosh was born in London, England, on April 3, 1995. As of 2023, the young lad is 28 years old.

Max taking a picture with his family on his graduation day
For a few hours, Max Fosh owned an airline called ‘Flying Fosh.’ (Source: Instagram)

Max is the son of Matthew Fosh, an English former cricketer, and his wife, Helena Wilhelmina van der Kun.

Similarly, he grew up in his hometown alongside his sibling Talitha Fosh.

As for his educational background, Max Fosh attended Harrow School, the same school his father studied.

Then, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Newcastle University.

Apart from his academics, what intrigues people most about Max Fosh is his journey in the media industry.

For your information, Max began as a radio jockey on a local hospital radio station called Radio Tyneside while still a college student.

Max Fosh presenting on the BBC Radio
Max Fosh started with the online series StreetSmart. (Source: Twitter)

Max Fosh also won the Best Newcomer Award at the 2016 National Hospital Radio Awards. 

Further, he was also selected for ‘Best Male Presenter’ at the 2018 National Hospital Radio Awards ceremony.

Then, he ventured into the online world during his final university years.

Max started his YouTube channel, StreetSmart, which quickly gained much attention.

Today, Max Fosh has taken a completely different route from where he started, creating entertaining and engaging videos.

As Max Fosh expands his career graph, his YouTube journey will add spice to his Wikipedia page.

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Did The YouTuber Win The Title Of Mr. Universe? The Truth

In a shocking turn of events, Max Fosh decided to participate in the PCA Universe bodybuilding competition.

As a result, he stirred up the media, which led to an internet search for Max Fosh Wikipedia.

Initially, Max thoroughly researched the PCA Universe website and learned he could participate in the competition following specific guidelines.

Max Fosh flexing his muscles during the PCA bodybuilding competition
Max Fosh is a YouTuber and video producer. (Source: Instagram)

After that, Max hired a coach since the participants had to complete a set of mandatory poses.

A week before the event, he trained with Leon, who also taught him the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger pose.

Sadly, he didn’t qualify as a bodybuilder, but regardless of that, the event organizers were kind enough to let him participate.

On the day of the competition, Max got his body spray tanned and joined the other contestants in The Pump Up Room.

Max Fosh alongside his competitorsin body building competition
Max Fosh attended New Castle University. (Source: Instagram)

Finally, Max Fosh got on the stage and struck different poses for a minute.

However, he could not give tough competition to his competitors and couldn’t make his way to the other round.

Even though he didn’t win the Mr. Universe title, Max Fosh took everyone by surprise by winning the title of Mister Unique Physique Champion.

Nevertheless, his participation in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition managed to stir up quite a controversy.

A Canadian IFBB pro bodybuilder, Greg Doucette, bashed Max for his stunt on the Mr. Universe.

Greg was seemingly upset and called out Max Fosh for disrespecting the competition and the athletes.

Despite the controversy, his participation was intended to be light-hearted and not disrespectful.

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