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Michael Cimino Tattoo: How Many Does He Have? Meaning & Design

Artists are no strangers to tattoos, and currently, Michael Cimino has been fascinating people with his quirky tattoo. Continue reading to know more.

Michael Cimino is an up-and-coming American actor born on November 10, 1999.

He was born in a multi-racial family, with his father being of Italian-German side and his mother being of Puerto Rican Descent.

Michael divulged into acting at the very early age of eight. He joined an acting group led by a fellow church member.

This indicates that he was destined to foray into the world of movies and television eventually.

Later, Michael even chose to follow his passion for acting by deciding not to attend college after having graduated from high school.

Initially in his career, Michael began with commercials for GEICO and a pilot show for Nickelodeon.

His major debut in Hollywood came in the role of Bob Palmeri in the movie Annabelle Comes Home.

Nevertheless, fans are now trying to know more about Michael Cimino’s tattoo and the meaning behind it.

Michael Cimino Tattoo: How Many Does He Have? Meaning & Design

Michael Cimino is quite fond of tattoos, as he regularly flaunts his body and the tattoo on his social media.

Most of the posts that Michael makes on Instagram are of him shirtless, showing off his body in style.

Michael Cimino posing with a phone
Michael Cimino watched the movie Love, Simon about 16 times to prepare for his role in Love, Victor. (Source: Instagram)

Given the artistic nature of the photos, he has amassed a following of over 1 million on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, Michael has not revealed the exact number of tattoos yet, but there sure are a lot of them.

One prominent tattoo seen in most of the photos is that of a Crown, which is inked on the top left side of his shoulder.

Generally, this tattoo shows a strong personality with a sense of freedom, strength, and self-control.

On the right side of his shoulder, he has also tattooed a single feather. This, too, denotes his need for freedom and travel.

Another visible tattoo that he has is of an abstract arrow, which is on the back of his right arm, representing courage to meet challenges head-on and beat them.

Michael Cimino, however, also has other tattoos, and one of them is a complete sentence inked on the left side of his stomach area.

Michael Cimino showing his hand tattoo while taking a picture
Michael Cimino has lots of respect for the LGBTQI+ community and considers himself an ally. (Source: Instagram)

The sentence reads, The first musician wasn’t playing for an audience but out of his need for music.

This could be signifying Michael’s recent foray into the music industry.

Michael Cimino also had a temporary tattoo of the famous Superman Logo in one of his recent photoshoots with Henry Jimenez.

He accredited this to be the premiere of Flash, where he wanted to pay homage to the DC Superhero Superman.

Is Michael Cimino Gay? Rumors Or Truth

Michael Cimino was portraying the role of a gay character in the Netflix series  Love, Victor. The series has been receiving positive reviews, and fans love Michael in it.

Especially given that the character was fleshed out well and given Michael’s acting, fans started believing that he was gay.

The rumors were so strong that Michael had to himself clarify that he was straight.

But he still openly supported the LGBTQI+ community and their rights.

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Popularity Through Casting In Never Have I Ever

Shortly after the show Love, Victor ended, Michael received a breakthrough role in another major Netflix show.

In 2023, Michael was in the hit series Never Have I Ever’s fourth and final season. He played the role of Ethan and gained a lot of traction with this.

Michael Cimino posing with flowers in a bath tub
Michael Cimino is a man of many talents and is proud of his hometown. (Source: Instagram)

The show had a dedicated fan base, especially that of the young generation.

With his debut in the series, Michael gained a lot of fans, and that shows with his rapidly growing social media.

Further, with Michael Cimino posting shirtless photos regularly showing off the tattoo, fans are going to flock to his social media page.

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