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Nate Boone Craft Wikipedia Age: How Old Is The American Hitman?

Nate Boone Craft is one of those criminals who turned their lives for good after getting evicted for their crimes and recently, Nate Boon Craft has been trending online with netizens looking for his Wikipedia page.

A notorious Detroit hitman, Nate Boone Craft was active in the 1980s.

Not only the normal citizens but also the criminals had the fear of getting into the lists of Nate’s next kill.

He was, in fact, the top assassin for the very infamous ‘Best Friends murder-for-hire-gang.’

Regarding criminals like Nate Boone Craft, netizens are always interested in their Wikipedia.

Nate Boone Craft Wikipedia: Game On Detroit’s Criminal Underworld

Nate Boone Craft was famous for being different from other hitmen in Detroit.

One character that really set him apart from the rest was his way of planning each victim’s murder very precisely.

Nate Boone Craft Wikipedia
Nate Boone Craft is not hesitant about talking about his past life regrets. (Source: Twitter)

He was very serious about each and every one of his targets, and he would track them endlessly for days.

Not only that, he was also known for studying his victims and their routines.

This led Nate to become one of Detroits’s most feared criminals.

To add to his fearful reputation, his connection with the Best Friends gang made it even more terrifying.

The thing that actually makes Nate Boone’s story as a hitman quite interesting is his decision to turn on his own gang members.

Best Friends Gang Detroit
Nate was a very crucial part of the Best Friends gang, and many did not expect him to say anything against them (Source: Twitter)

This act of his was considered ‘snitching,’ and it is not something that gets praised in the underworld.

However, he had his own reason, Nate did it so that he could get immunity for his own crimes.

This decision led to the Best Friends gang falling apart, and many of them were to face consequences for their crimes.

As a result of this cooperation, Nate Boone Craft got an easier sentence than he was about to receive.

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From Hitman To Redemption: Nate Boone Craft After 17 Years In Prison

Nate Boone Craft got only 17 years in prison which is very less in comparison to other of his fellow hitmen.

He is now out of prison and in his 60s after serving his time and has made a decision to shed his past life persona as ‘Boone.’

Nate now likes to go by his birth name ‘Nathaniel Craft’ and is starting fresh in his life.

Surprisingly Nate has refused to get into the ‘witness protection plan.’

He is quite likely to get into the targets of those who may still hold grudges.

However, he says that he is ready to face any consequences of his past mistakes.

Since his release from prison, Nate has appeared in various interviews and documentaries.

Nate Boone Detroit
Nate Boone Craft does look genuine when he talks about his willingness to change. (Source: Twitter)

Nate Boone Craft Wikipedia may not be the best thing to get inspiration from, but his transformative journey is quite remarkable.

He also has a child in the year 2021 and seems like a good father.

It has also come to reports that the threats he was facing have now come to a stop.

Furthermore, recently he has been in the news for advocating for the release of Deroit’s other criminal, ‘White Boy Rick’ Wershe Jr.

According to him, Wershe’s long sentence for a nonviolent drug offense is not justified.

This action of his also is a good representation of his willingness to change and get redemption.

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