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True Identity Of Bonney! One Piece 1098 Spoilers, Leaks And Summary

Intensity is through the roof as One Piece reveals major details with each new chapter, and now readers want more of the story as they search for chapter 1098 spoilers and leaks of One Piece.

One Piece is currently on a flashback of the God Valley incident as the author ties together many plot details.

Further, in a recent chapter, we see the past of Kuma along with Ginny eight years after the God Valley.

Both characters live in South Blue’s Sorbet Kingdom, where they have grown to become fine individuals.

Moreover, the story presents newer challenges and details for the characters.

Meanwhile, after the devastating news in chapter 1097, readers can’t help but look for spoilers for chapter 1098 of One Piece.

Birth Of The Revolutionary Army: One Piece 1097 Recap

In the current timeline, Kuma is 17 and has become a pastor who heals people by removing their pain with his devil’s fruit.

Further, Ginny, now 21, is shown to be kind when it counts and is very popular with the boys.

Meanwhile, the citizens of the Sorbet Kingdom talk about King Bekori, a heartless and cheapskate king.

One Piece spoilers 1098
Kuma grows up to be a kind person. (Source: Twitter)

However, the king listens to the talk through a wiretap and blushes.

The scene cuts off to Kuma taking all the pain of the people and hurting himself. 

Moreover, the flashback jumps five years ahead as Ginny asks Kuma to marry her.

Despite their healthy relationship, Kuma denies the request to save Ginny from all the suffering.

Further, Kuma deviates from the topic and discusses the legendary hero, Monkey D. Dragon.

Later, the chapter jumps three more years later when King Bekori divides the Sorbet Kingdom into northern and southern parts.

He claims that the northern part is the true Sorbet Kingdom, while the southern part is for those who can’t pay the tribute.

One Piece 1098 leaks
Ginny also joins the revolutionary army with Kuma. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, the southern part is referred to as a hindrance, and Kuma’s church lies there.

Moreover, Kuma, Ginny, and three others are arrested when the Freedom fighters come to their rescue.

As the story progresses, Kuma becomes one of the pillars among the fighters, later known globally as the freedom fighters.

Once again, the story jumps ahead for the final time to 14 years, where Dragon is reported of Ginny’s kidnapping by an unexpected enemy.

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True Identity Of Bonney! One Piece 1098 Spoilers, Leaks And Summary

Now, with the spoilers surfacing online for chapter 1098 of One Piece, we learn about the true identity of Bonney.

Following the previous chapter’s events, the spoilers reveal that one of the Celestial Dragons kidnapped Ginny.

Furthermore, the royalties of the land forced her to become their wife.

However, Ginny is freed from her slavery after two years when she contacts a deadly disease.

Moreover, after her release, Ginny immediately contacts Kuma one last time before her death.

During his conversation with his old friend, Kuma manages to identify the location where Ginny is.

One Piece new chapter
Dragon leads the army along with Ivankov and Kuma. (Source: Twitter)

But the spoilers of 1098 reveal that Kuma teleported a little late as Ginny is already dead.

However, he discovers a baby in her arms and takes her under his wings.

That baby grows up to be Bonney, which answers many fan theories regarding her mother’s identity.

Further, Bonney grows up under the guidance of Kuma but has the same illness as her mother.

Due to the disease, many kids in the village call her a vampire, which makes Bonney furious.

Moreover, at the end of spoilers of One Piece chapter 1098, King Bekori returns to the Sorbet Kingdom and causes havoc.

Readers await the official release as the spoilers revealed a major aspect of the story.

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