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Sapna Choudhary Death News: Did She Commit Suicide? Arrested And Charge

People are interested in learning more about Sapna Choudhary Death News because there are reports that the folk singer and dancer killed herself.

Sapna, a well-known vocalist and dancer in Haryana, gained national recognition when she appeared on Salman Khan’s reality series Bigg Boss in its eleventh season.

Shilpa Shinde won the competition that year, with Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta also participating. In Bigg Brother 11, Hina Khan finished as the runner-up. Additionally, Sapna has appeared in regional films like Veerey Ki Wedding and Nanu Ki Jaanu.

She was accused of demeaning a specific race in a song during a stage performance in September 2016. After Satpal Tanwar harassed her online, she attempted suicide by ingesting rat poison at home.

Because Sapna failed to appear at an event in 2018 for which she had been paid in advance by the organizers, the ACJM court in Lucknow issued an arrest order for her in August 2022.

Sapna was charged with violating the conditions of the contract and engaging in business activities prohibited by the FIR.

She turned herself in in Lucknow on September 20, 2022, and asked the court to quash the arrest warrant. The assistant chief judicial magistrate Shantanu Tyagi ordered Sapna to post a bond for Rs 20,000.

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Sapna Choudhary Death News: Did She Commit Suicide?

There has been no official confirmation regarding Sapna Choudhary Death News. Hence, there is no information on whether or not she is alive while writing this article.

However, Sapna Choudhary, a well-known Haryana folk singer, was admitted to a private hospital in Najafgarh on Sunday, 2016, following reports that she had attempted suicide at her South-West Delhi home while complaining of internet harassment.

Sapna Choudhary Death News
Sapna Choudhary Death News is Fake as She is perfectly healthy. (Source: Instagram)

According to a note allegedly penned by the 21-year-old, Satpal Tanwar is accused of aiding her suicide by waging an online Campaign against her and even making derogatory remarks about her character.

Sapna has been arrested for demeaning a specific race in a song at a stage performance. Fortunately, according to her Instagram, the singer was saved and probably very healthy, as she will be featured in a new movie.

Sapna recently posted a reel on her Instagram page announcing that her new movie, TunnaTunna, will air on March 9, 2023. Hence, we can say Sapna Choudhary Death News is False as she is perfectly healthy.

Sapna Choudhary Arrested And Charge

According to a report from India Today, Gurgaon Police lodged an FIR against the singer based on complaints made by Dalit activists. Also, they formed a special investigation team to look into the claims.

A similar complaint was also made against her in Hisar’s Dogran Mohalla, where she is accused of singing and performing the contentious folk music Ragini “mocking two specific Dalit castes.

Before attempting suicide, the singer had also expressed regret and promised not to sing the tune again.

Sapna Choudhary 2
The court has issued arrest warrant against Sapna Chaudhary. (Source: News Nation)

“Back in the day, I, Sapna Chaudhary, sang the song Ragini, based on all the classes. This caused the Dalit community to feel offended. I didn’t want to offend anyone’s emotions.

In her statement, Sapna Chaudhary expressed regret in front of all her siblings and promised not to perform this style of Ragini in the future. The Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police has filed a case against Sapna for alleged fraud and breach of confidence.

A complaint was made against Sapna, her mother, and her brother for a criminal breach of trust, criminal conspiracy, cheating, and misappropriation of funds by the celebrity management firm managing Sapna.


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