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The Reading Movie Wikipedia: Plot And Ending Explained

The thrilling story of The Reading movie has taken viewers by storm with its intense pacing and extraordinary characters as many search for its Wikipedia. Find out more further in the article.

The Reading is a psychological thriller from BET+ released on February 2, 2023.

The plot follows Emma as she writes a book to cope with a deadly home invasion.

Further, the movie turns unexpectedly when new terror unleashes after a reading performed in her home.

With a total runtime of 1 hour and 36 minutes, The Reading has received mixed reviews from the viewers.

Now, fans want more of the story as they search for its Wikipedia, including the plot and ending of The Reading movie.

The Reading Movie Wikipedia: Plot And Ending Explained

Let’s explore the plot summary of The Reading movie through Wikipedia, along with the ending explanation.

The movie starts with the introduction of Emma Leeden and her family as they prepare for dinner.

However, things quickly get messy as her husband and children are killed in a home invasion.

The Reading movie main lead
Viewers loved the performance by Mo’Nique.

Moreover, Emma somehow manages to survive with severe injuries and speech restriction.

Likewise, the story jumps to two years later when Emma talks about her experience while promoting her book.

Meanwhile, her PR suggests they stage a reading at Emma’s home to generate press.

After this, the narrative introduces four college students who perform fake psychic readings to make money.

Among them is Sky Brown, who is the psychic of the group and does the reading for Emma.

What follows is spine-chilling as Sky connects with the evil spirit.

Additionally, the soul of Emma’s daughter possesses her, revealing a shocking twist in the story.

Sky from The Reading movie
The movie is full of suspense and thriller.

It is revealed that Emma murdered her family to have a rich and lavish life alone.

Further, Sky and Emma battle in the intense fight scene towards the end, and the psychic manages to save herself.

Likewise, Sky later appears on the same talk show as Emma, where she narrates the paranormal experience.

As the story ends, it leaves fans with many questions, resulting in a search for the Wikipedia of The Reading movie.

However, in the end, it appears that the spirit of Emma possesses Sky.

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The Reading: Meet The Extraordinary Cast Members

In addition to the plot summary, the Wikipedia of The Reading movie includes cast members.

If we go behind the scenes, the film was directed and written by Courtney Glaude.

The Reading cast member interview
The movie received mixed reviews from the viewers. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, according to its IMDb, here are the notable members that appeared in the thrilling story:

  • Mo’Nique- Emma Leeden
  • Chasity Sereal- Sky
  • Denisha Hardeman- Jessie
  • Ian Haywood- Gregory
  • Mcauley Teters- Randy
  • Lisa Alavi- Ashley Leeden
  • Charnele Brown- Oda Brown
  • Cooper Helm- Mathew Leeden
  • Maudejanei Alero- Kendell Leeden
  • Sara Alavi- Rachel Gates
  • Jonathan Algeroy- Johnny
  • Will Scott- Mailman
  • Courtney Glaude- Homeless guy
  • R.J. Atkins- Bartender

Furthermore, Stanley Hillard Jr. handled the editing, and Jantel Hope was the art director.

Following the release of The Reading, viewers were quick to rate and review the story.

Additionally, they pointed out many plotholes in the movie and sought answers to questions related to characters like Sky.

However, many praised the performance of Mo’ Nique as she was able to captivate the audience.

Meanwhile, the thriller genre, accompanied by gory horror scenes, shines throughout the movie.

Despite its predictable plot, many have loved The Reading because it was suspenseful.

Nonetheless, the movie is fun with its simple setup and pacing.

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