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This Was Television On December 3

1968: Elvis Presley’s second act begins

Alternatively known as Singer Presents Elvis (owing to the sponsor, Singer Sewing Machine Company) or more commonly referred to as “The ’68 Comeback Special,” the legendary Elvis Presley, once the King of Rock and Roll, delivered renditions of his classic hits in a primetime special on NBC.

This show featured a blend of grand, choreographed performances and more intimate renditions, marking a pivotal moment in Presley’s career. It effectively reconnected him with a music industry that had, for the most part, moved past his style.

This resurgence in his career led to a second wave of cultural significance throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. – A.D.

Also on December 3

2009: MTV debuts Jersey Shore. The reality show managed to squeeze out six seasons by chronicling the sensational exploits of young residents of New Jersey. This Was Television On reluctantly acknowledges this as a noteworthy occurrence in the history of television.

Today’s Birthdays: Brian Bonsall, a member of the Keaton family (31); Anna Chlumsky, a former chief of staff (32); Holly Marie Combs, a talented enchantress (39); Steven Culp, a seasoned special agent (57); Steve Harris, a proficient attorney (47); Heather Menzies, a respected character actress (63); Ozzy Osbourne, a well-known domestic dad (64); Malinda Williams, a popular soul foodie (37).

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