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What Happened To Wendy Williams Publicist Shawn Zanotti? Show Canceled!

Lately, the question of “What happened to the publicist of Wendy Williams?” has stirred the most curiosity. People are eager to discover what Shawn Zanotti, who typically works quietly behind the scenes, is up to.

Shawn Zanotti is the accomplished CEO and founder of Exact Publicity. She is a public relations and literature star.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Shawn Zanotti actively engages as an author, podcast host, TV producer, and broadcast journalist.

Furthermore, she demonstrates remarkable leadership and inspires others through her influential book.

Similarly, Shawn garners renown for her innovative strategies and insightful contributions.

In media and publicity, Shawn Zanotti stands as a prominent figure.

Likewise, she has carved a niche in the competitive business and publishing world. 

However, as her career flourishes, the question: What happened to the publicist of Wendy Williams? has surfaced, prompting a closer examination of her journey.

What Happened To The Publicist of Wendy Williams? Health Update 2024!

People are asking, “What happened to Publicist of Wendy Williams?”

This question is making people in professional circles and entertainment news followers curious.

When famous people disappear from public view or there are rumors about their health, it’s normal for them to wonder and worry.

However, there are no reports or signs that Shawn Zanotti is sick or dealing with any health problems.

Shawn in all black smiling
Shawn Zanotti stands out as a dynamic force in the industry. (Source: Instagram)

Despite what people might be saying, Shawn Zanotti is doing well. She has a successful career in media and publicity.

Moreover, she is active on different media platforms, showing she’s healthy.

Sometimes, rumors come up about her health, but there’s no proof she’s facing any big health issues.

Furthermore, knowing that Shawn Zanotti focuses on self-love, mindful thinking, and self-control, we can assume that she prioritizes her well-being.

Therefore, people have received reassurance regarding Shawn’s health condition in response to the question: “What happened to the publicist of Wendy Williams?” As of now, nothing has occurred to her.

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Shawn Zanotti Beef With Wendy Williams: Was She Fired? 

With the ongoing question “What happened to the publicist of Wendy Williams,” people have been concerned about Shawn Zanotti’s career. 

However, no evidence suggests that Shawn has been terminated from her role.

The relationship between Shawn Zanotti and Wendy Williams is being discussed, especially after the documentary Where is Wendy Williams? came out.

Shawn in all black smiling
As of the present moment, no significant events have occurred about Shawn Zanotti. (Source: Instagram)

In the documentary, there were tense moments between them, like when Wendy Williams called Shawn Zanotti a “dumbass.”

In the entertainment world, big personalities and different priorities often cause clashes between publicists and their clients.

Nevertheless, Shawn Zanotti’s involvement in projects with Wendy Williams indicates she is still working with her.

Since no official word or news indicates her termination, Shawn Zanotti still serves as Wendy Williams’ publicist.

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Why Was The Wendy Williams Show Canceled? 

For 13 seasons, The Wendy Williams Show entertained viewers with celebrity gossip and advice from its host.

However, in 2022, the network took the show off the air, almost two years before Wendy Williams received a diagnosis of aphasia and dementia.

Wendy Williams’ family initially conveyed that she didn’t know about the cancellation of her talk show. Her niece, Alex Finnie, had to explain it to her.

Wendy Williams wearing pink fur coat and smiling
‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was taken off air in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the cancellation of The Wendy Williams Show seems to be because Wendy couldn’t host regularly due to her health issues.

The final episode of the show aired in June 2022. In September 2022, a new talk show hosted by Sherri Shepherd called Sherri took over the time slot.

Currently, a documentary called Where Is Wendy Williams? is gaining popularity.

It will delve into Wendy Williams’ life off-screen, discussing her health problems, struggles with alcohol, and financial issues.

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