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Know About Who Is Erin Carter Writer Jack Lothian: Wikipedia And Family Details

The brand-new dramatic thriller show on Netflix is a mystery and has people guessing Who Is Erin Carter? series writer Jack Lothian.

A seven-episode series titled Who Is Erin Carter? chronicles the life of Erin Carter, a British teacher. The series was premiered in August 2023.

Before its debut, the show’s initial title, Palomino, was changed to Who Is Erin Carter?

Erin lives in Spain and has a secret identity and a secret past.

When Erin obstacles a supermarket heist and shoots a burglar who tries to abduct Harper, her past haunts her.

Starring Evin Ahmad, the seven-episode series has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers, with some praising suspense and action, while others criticize the plot and dialogue.

In addition, the series has sparked speculation about a possible second season, with a cliffhanger suggesting Erin might work with her handler again.

The suspense and enigma are now building around the writer of the Who Is Wrin Carter? series, Jack Lothian.

Meet Who Is Erin Carter Writer: Jack Lothian

Now that Who Is Erin Carter? writer is in the news, fans and admirers want to learn more about Jack Lothian.

Born on July 20, 1971, Jack Lothian is a Scottish writer and producer.

Writer Jack Lothian
Jack Lothian is attending the SCADaTVFEST for Strike Back. (Source: Twitter)

He has contributed to several cinema and television productions. Jack is best recognized as the creator and showrunner of the HBO and Cinemax action drama Strike Back.

Also, Jack has written for other shows such as Doc Martin, Skins, Sinbad, and Shameless.

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Does Jack Lothian Have A Wikipedia?

Currently, Who Is Erin Carter writer Jack Lothian does not have a Wikipedia page affiliated with him.

However, this article will aid people in knowing more about the writer in detail.

Jack Lothian is a renowned Scottish writer and director known for his short fiction. Also, these fictions are available in various anthologies and magazines.

He also writes about his writing endeavors and other subjects on his blog.

Who is Erin Carter writer, Jack Lothian
Jack Lothian at SCADaTVFEST is talking about Strike Back. (Source: Twitter)

Besides, he has been nominated for two BAFTA Awards for his work on Ashes to Ashes. Meanwhile, Jack is the creator and writer of the mini-series Who Is Erin Carter?

He also wrote and directed a short film called This Old House in 2003.

Furthermore, Jack collaborated with illustrator Garry Mac on a graphic novel called Tomorrow. It won a British Fantasy Award in 2018.

Moreover, he has worked as a journalist for The Scotsman.

He has also written in many genres, such as crime, comedy, fantasy, and science fiction.

Moreover, Jack was also a basketball player for Strasbourg in France as well. He was a center for Strasbourg’s Betclic Elite team in France.

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Writer Jack Lothian: Family Details

Even though writer Jack Lothian is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, he has managed to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Emma is Jack’s wife, and they live in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have two kids together: a son named Finn and a girl named Isla.

Further, he frequently shares his gratitude and affection for his family on social media.

Writer Jack Lothian
Jack Lothian is strolling around the streets of Jordan. (Source: Twitter)

However, details on Jack Lothian’s extended family are not public. This suggests that Jack does not want to reveal the details of his family.

Even on social media, he only maintains an active presence on Twitter and Instagram. He has garnered 657 followers on Twitter and 909 followers on Instagram.

This alone demonstrates Jack’s preference for solitude.

Given this, it makes sense that Jack would not want to share information about his family. Regardless, fans can access his nearest relatives, i.e., his wife and children.

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