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Do You Respect Sugar? Know The Craze Of Top Boy Quote

With season 5 of Top Boy going to air this September, many of its quotes have been gaining a lot of attention, a notable one being “Do you respect Sugar?”

Top Boy is a British TV crime drama series created and written by an Irish novelist, Ronan Bennett.

The series has 26 episodes divided into four series. The first two, each with four episodes, aired on Channel 4, but a proposed third series was abandoned in 2014.

However, in 2017, Canadian rapper Drake expressed interest in the series, leading to Netflix reviving it. Subsequently, the third and fourth series debuted on Netflix as a Netflix original, Top Boy: Summerhouse.

A fifth and final series, produced by Netflix, will air in September 2023.

Top Boy received several awards and nominations, including the British Academy Television Craft Awards for Best Original Music, Best Director: Fiction, and Best Scripted Casting.

So the fandom of Top Boy is evident as it is one of the loved series by audiences, and the quote “Do you respect Sugar?” always remains the most famous one. So, what is the story behind it?

Do You Respect Sugar?

As with any other popular series, many of Top Boy’s quotes have also gained much popularity among the fans.

One such quote is “Do you respect Sugar?”. The meaning of the quote is self-explanatory in itself.

As for the Sugar referred to in the quote, it refers to season 3’s one of the two main antagonists of the series named “Sugar.”

Top boy sugar
Top boy Sugar with hand in his stomach (Source: Fandom)

Sugar is a powerful black drug lord serving time behind bars. He has his second-in-command, Yardie leader Haze, managing the gang while in prison.

But Sugar had already appeared in season 1 before becoming the center of season 3.

Here’s a general overview of his involvement and story in the first season:

When Dushane visits Sugar in prison after he kills Lester, he strikes a deal to work for him and distribute drugs in London.

To show his seriousness, Sugar sends Haze to convey that he means business.

Back in Summerhouse, Dushane faces a conflict with Jamie from London Fields, leading to a dangerous gang war that complicates things for Sugar.

In retaliation, Sugar orders a Yardie member to assassinate Dushane’s cousin, Donovan. When Dushane secures a new drug supplier in Lizzie, he plans to eliminate Sugar.

He uses Donovan’s girlfriend, Sheanay, who poses as a prostitute, and poisons Sugar’s drink, resulting in his death. Shortly after, Dushane takes out Haze, his second-in-command.

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Know The Craze Of Top Boy Quote

Many can recognize the show Top Boy by just this quote, making it kind of like the face of the series.

When the episode with the quote came out, it quickly got the attention of many. Viewers began to adopt the quote to their captions and titles.

Such examples include a podcast episode of Unbreakable Entertainment titled “‘DO YOU RESPECT SUGAR?’ ft. ALESSANDRO BABALOLA (Haze Top Boy) | S3 EP 7 |”.

In addition, there’s also an Instagram post of the record producer and artist Jammz, with the caption, “Do you respect Sugar?”

Haze together with Jammz
Jammz had the photo as a tribute to Top Boy. (Source: Instagram)

However, this is not the only quote from Top Boy circulating the internet. Some of the other most notable quotes are:

  • “Jamie, Jamie? Man, don’t know Jamie.”
  • “The tiger who came to tea.”
  • “See you. Look at me wrong you’re done.”
  • “You lot don’t want this smoke!”
  • “Where’s the fucking food?”
  • “That’s something you could really have.”
  • “Dushane, don’t speak for me.”
  • “Good enough to eat that one.”
  • “I know about it. It’s fucking mad.”
  • “You fucking still going on about that?”

There are also other quotes that some of the viewers like, but these are the most liked ones.

Additionally, a whole soundboard has been dedicated to the show’s quotes, available in the Voicey Tog Gun category.

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