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Does Dushane Die In Top Boy? The Uncertain Future In New Season

Top Boy’s season 4 finale was an intense and action-packed episode that left many viewers wondering, does Dushane die in Top Boy?

Top Boy is a British crime drama series focusing on the characters Dushane and Sully, two drug dealers. It revolves around their involvement in London’s underground drug trade and gang violence.

For its acting, cinematography, topics, realism, writing, and soundtrack, the TV series has won praise from critics.

Additionally, it has been nominated for Best Mini-Series and Best Supporting Actress for Jasmine Jobson’s portrayal of Jaq at the British Academy Television Awards.

In season 4 of Top Boy, we follow Dushane and Sully as they battle to grow their business while dealing with fresh foes and obstacles.

Further, this season features new challenges and a cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, critics praise it for its accurate depiction of street culture. However, the series lovers still search for the answers to whether Dushane die in Top Boy.

Does Dushane Die In Top Boy? Find The Answer

Dushane is a drug dealer who wants to lead the Summerhouse estate in London’s top boy.

Dushane, portrayed by Ashley Walters, is a complicated and strange figure who combines brutality, intelligence, and imagination.

His family and girlfriend Shelley are close to him, yet he also betrays and hurts them.

Dushane and Shelley
Dushane and Shelley are smiling while looking at a magazine. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the series, Dushane’s character changes as he encounters various challenges and moral dilemmas.

He transitions from being a rising star in the drug industry to being a wanted man in Jamaica before returning to London to retake his territory and grow his business. He develops partnerships with other drug dealers.

Dushane, the protagonist of Top Boy, endures all four seasons despite several murders and threats to his life.

Moreover, he has heart issues that threaten his life.

Dushane’s future is left up in the air in the season 4 finale’s cliffhanger. Gerard Sullivan shoots Jamie in the head and chest, and Dushane shoots his leg.

Gerard responds by firing, striking Dushane in the chest. Then, Dushane is seen bleeding profusely in the final scene.

Further, the end scene has definitely left fans in a dilemma, wondering if Dushane will die in Top Boy.

And the suspenseful prediction to that would be no. The reason is that the series revolves around Dushane and Sully trying to make it big.

However, fans are eagerly waiting to see if the prediction turns out to be true or whether Dushane dies in Top Boy.

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The Uncertain Future In The New Season Of Top Boy

On September 7, 2023, Top Boy season 5 will debut on Netflix. There will be six episodes in this season.

In season 4, Sully’s character has grown immensely as he battles his trauma, PTSD and violent background.

Nevertheless, Dushane, who gives him the chance to grow their business, lures him back into the drug trade.

Additionally, Sully encounters difficulties and foes as he becomes more frightened and emotional.

Sully’s mental condition is significantly affected by this deed since he realizes he has turned into a cold-blooded killer and regrets killing a person.

Sully’s activities have altered his relationship with Dushane. And the fifth season will examine the effects of those acts.

Does Dushane die in Top Boy
Dushane and Sully are having a conversation in a bathroom stall. (Source: Instagram)

It will also examine the threats they face both internally and externally.

In the video, new characters joining the cast engage in acts of violence and tension.

Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson, the executive producers, have expressed their appreciation for the fans’ support and hinted at surprises for the audience.

Additionally, they indicated that season three will serve as the season finale. It will provide an opportunity to complete the story properly. Top Boy’s final season will come to an end.

Fans have been anticipating the thrill that will come along as there is bad blood between Dushane and Sully. They are eager to see whether it subsides or grows into something big.

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