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Why Did Jess Leave Gilmore Girls? Milo Ventimiglia Talks About The Departure

Even though Milo had other plans to conclude his role, fans were still speculating why Jess had to leave Gilmore Girls. To this day, fans are swooning over the character of Jess from the show.

Gilmore Girls is a comedy-drama that revolves around the relationship between a single mother and her smart and driven teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, a small town.

The seven-season TV show originally ran from 2000 to 2007.

Meanwhile, the show decided to generate a miniseries in 2016 after receiving praise from critics.

Among the praiseworthy characters, Jess Marino was the fan’s favorite, portrayed by Milo Anthony Ventimiglia, an American actor, director, and producer.

The fictional character Jess Mariano was a breakthrough for Milo.

Jess’s character in the show is highly savvy and intuitive and has a rapport in arts and literature. However, he lacks intellectual enthusiasm.

Due to his misbehavior, Liz, Jess’ mother, sends him to Stars Hollow to live with her brother, Luke Danes. However, a twist of turns occurs when Jess has to leave Gilmore Girls. So what could be the reason for the departure?

Why Did Jess Leave Gilmore Girls?

Jess encounters Rory Gilmore at a welcome dinner and develops feelings for her. However, Rory has been dating Dean Forester, a local kid, for two years.

In the series, Jess displays interest in Rory in many situations, but after a car accident, Jess is sent back to his mother.

Rory skips school and is seen missing her mother’s graduation to meet Jess. Further, Jess returns to Star Hollow to improve, and Rory surprises Jess with a kiss.

The two started dating around season 3. However, their relationship didn’t last long.

Jess, Rory and Dean
Jess and Dean argue after Jess wins the bidding of Rory’s basket (Source: Instagram)

Ventimiglia’s character, Jess, decides to leave Gilmore Girls at the end of season 3. Yet he is seen in one-off scenes throughout seasons 4, 5, and 6.

Jess resolves to leave Gilmore Girls after a brief reunion with Rory in season 6, who declines to run away with him.

Depending on the perspective, many theories exist on why Jess would leave Gilmore Girls.

The creators purposefully left Jess on many occasions to add drama and crisis to Rory’s romantic life.

Jess inspired the growth and development of her character by pressuring her to step outside of her comfort zone and pursue her goals.

He was particularly concerned about Rory because she had been an aspiring Yale student. Rory had a promising future ahead of her.

Furthermore, Jess relocated to Philadelphia and California to pursue his love of writing, where he published his first novel.

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Milo Ventimiglia Talks About The Departure From Gilmore Girls

Many admirers were curious about Milo’s take on why Jess had to leave Gilmore Girls. Milo expressed satisfaction with how his character’s narrative came to a close.

He expressed his view that Jess had matured and continued with his life.

However, he desired a more dramatic conclusion for his character Jess. He had been suggesting Jess’s demise to the showmakers.

He told the publication at E! Online,

I wanted to get him hit by a bus, a knife in the side of the neck, something bad. I don’t know–guess I thought it would be kind of cool.

However, the writers opted for a less dramatic conclusion, with Jess traveling nationwide to meet up with his father.

Why did Jess leave Gilmore Girls
Jess in Rory’s room handing over the novel he wrote (Source: Instagram)

The journey is to serve as a covert pilot for a spinoff series, but it never materialized.

Further, Milo decided to leave Gilmore Girls to pursue other opportunities and challenge himself as an actor. He felt his character had run its course and had no more storylines to offer.

Milo stated that he felt like the character had grown up too much and he had not much to do.

He went on to star in other TV shows and movies, such as ‘Heroes,’Rocky Balboa,’This Is Us’ and ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’

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