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Groot Father Is Rocket But Not Peter! Why? Groot Parents, Brother And Family

Get ready to dive into the cool world of Groot, the talking tree in those awesome Marvel movies. Rocket and Groot’s close bond leaves fans curious whether Rocket is the father of Groot or not. 

Groot is a unique character in the Marvel movies. He’s like a talking tree and can only say, ‘I am Groot.

But the way he says it can mean different things. Even though he doesn’t say much, he’s a loyal hero with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Groot first showed up in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ where he shares a close relationship with Rocket Raccoon and helps the Guardians.

In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2,’ Groot becomes a cute ‘Baby Groot‘ after getting hurt protecting his loved ones in the first volume.

Besides that, Groot has a separate short spin-off series, ‘I Am Groot,’ which is returning to screens with a new season 2.

Groot Father Is Rocket, But Not Peter! Explained

There always has been a curiosity among Marvel fans about how Rocket and Groot became friends.

In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ they hint that they’ve been a team for a while, with Groot helping Rocket with tough jobs.

Further, in the comics, they met when they were both thrown into a prison cell, where Rocket was initially unfriendly.

After Rocket rescued Groot from The Collector, they started traveling through space together, working as bounty hunters.

Groot and Rocket
Groot and Rocket are always sharing screens, and they look lovely. (Source: Screenrant)

In the MCU, there was a plan to show their first meeting in a short film, but it got canceled.

Rocket is also the only one in the team who clearly understands Groot, even though he only says three words: ‘I am Groot.’

He may have times when he does not understand him completely. But because they’ve often hung out, he usually knows what Groot means and can tell others.

Now, coming back to who is the father of Groot, well, to be honest, none of the Guardians are the biological father of Groot.

It is kind of obvious, isn’t it?

However, when Groot disintegrates at the end of ‘Avengers Infinity War,’ he says ‘Dad’ to Rocket in his Groot language.

So, fans could not help but suggest that Rocket is the father-like figure to Groot.

But some fans jumped in and said Star-Lord is more like a father to Groot rather than Rocket.

Groot with Peter AKA Star lord
Groot with Peter, aka Star-lord, on one of their GOTG adventures. (Source: Comic Book)

Further, fans who favor Rocket as his father added Peter does not understand Groot at times, let alone be his father.

Thus, despite sharing close bonds, Rocket is more like a father figure to Groot.

So, Who Are Groot Parents, Brother, And His Family?

Regarding the topic of Groot’s family, fans are once again divided into two groups.

One group thinks that the Groot we see in ‘GOTG Vol 2′ and ‘Infinity War‘ is Groot’s son. Others believe that it’s the same Groot but smaller.

Some fans don’t see the grown-up Groot and baby Groot as different or having a father-son relationship.

Instead, they see Groot as being born again, like a new start.

Baby Groot
Baby Groot looks extremely cute from a scene in the GOTG movie. (Source: Instagram)

Groot starts as a baby and learns new things, but deep down, he’s still the same character.

Further, fans compare Groot to a phoenix, a bird from stories that come back to life from its ashes. The Phoenix is the same bird, but it changes because of what it goes through.

Besides that, no information is available regarding who Groot’s mother, brother, or siblings are.

Nevertheless, in terms of family, Groot does have a family despite not being biological.

They are none other than the Guardians who care and love Groot and adore his mischiefs.

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