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Who Plays Talia On Days of Our Lives After Aketra? New Face For Talia

The hit TV show Days of Our Lives has seen many characters in its decades-long run, but Aketera, who plays Talia, is confirmed to leave the show, leaving the face of Talia vacant. So, who is going to be the new face of Talia? Find here!

Days of Our Lives, often called Days or DOOL, is a famous American TV show that started in 1965.

It used to be on NBC, but in 2022, they said it would only be aired on Peacock.

The show happens in Salem, Illinois, and mainly follows two important families, the Bradys and the Hortons.

Back in 1975, they started showing longer episodes of the show, going from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Days of Our Lives has also been on TV in many other countries and was fans’ favorite for talking about important stuff in the 1970s when other shows didn’t.

Who Plays Talia On Days Of Our Lives After Aketra?

Like many other characters from the show, fans have been admiring the character Talia since her entry.

Talia was introduced to the show as Marcus Hunter’s daughter and Jada Hunter’s little sister.

She pretended to work at a bakery and made people sick with bad stuff in the food, making everyone blame Sloan.

Aketra Days of Our lives
As seen in the picture, Aketra really commits to her role as Talia. (Source: Instagram)

Aketra Sevellian, who plays Talia Hunter on Days of Our Lives, started working on the show on March 9, 2023.

Days of Our Lives has confirmed that Aketra Sevillian, who plays Talia Hunter, will leave the show soon.

Talia’s character faced backlash after her involvement in a scheme with Colin Bedford. And also her actions towards Chanel Dupree and Paulina Price.

While some viewers empathized with her as a victim of emotional abuse, her actions were difficult to overlook.

Talia’s exit plan hasn’t been revealed yet, but she will continue to appear in a few more episodes.

Talia Final Scenes
Talia is in hospital and looks emotional as she talks to another character from the show. (Source: Instagram)

It is due to the fact that some episodes of the show were filmed way before her exit.

So, even though Aketra might not be on Days of Our Lives as Talia anymore, her character might still appear for a while.

There may or may not be a new face that will continue the role of Talia in the show.

Further, there is no official press release about the new face who plays Talia in the show Days of Our Lives after Aketera.

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New Face For Talia: Will There Be Another Actress Playing Talia?

Now the question is, ‘Who is the new face that plays the role of Talia after her in the Salem lives?’

As Aketra has not said the reason for her exit, fans speculate it could be her personal reasons.

So, until and unless the show and actress speak for themselves about the exit reasons, all we have are mere rumors and speculations.

Aketra as talia
Aketra fits perfectly for the character Talia. (Source: Theovertimer)

Many people have loved the character, but most of the show’s fans do not like the arc.

So, it will be safe to assume that there will not be any new faces playing the character Talia for a while.

Whatever the reason, her co-stars will surely miss Talia’s original face.

Aketra Sevillian shared fun videos on Instagram, showing her recent activities.

Actress Akera, plays Talia on one of the red carpets. (source: Thelist)

Arianne Zucker, who plays Nicole Walker, expressed her disappointment in the comments, wondering why Sevillian wasn’t still part of the show.

Zucker called Sevillian a beautiful talent and wished her success in the future.

Clearly, Zucker is a fan of Sevillian’s work on the show, but the decision to write out Talia was already in motion.

Zoë Taylor-Crane, a background actor on DOOL, also commented, confirming Sevillian’s exit and mentioning how much she will be missing on set.

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