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Why Does Amanza Wear Gloves In Selling Sunset? Tattoo, Health!

The reality show Selling Sunset draws viewers to the real estate and the cast’s fashion. Amanza Smith is one of the icons on the show but has left fans with one question: “Why does she wear gloves?”

Born on December 12, 1976, Amanza Smith is a model, actress, interior designer, and real estate agent.

She works for the Oppenheim group, which sells expensive properties to rich and famous people.

Further, Amanza attended Indiana State University for her studies in design courses.

Despite having multiple careers, she has excelled in all fields with her hard work and talents.

Recently, Amanza Smith appeared on Selling Sunset, but fans can’t help but question why she and her cast members wear gloves on the show.

Why Does Amanza Wear Gloves In Selling Sunset? Tattoo Or Health!

With season six of the reality show, fans have noticed Amanza Smith wear gloves and search for answers.

Many speculated that it was due to the health issues of the actress as she had been struggling with cancer for a while.

However, the answer is simple: Amanza and her co-stars wear gloves as a fashion piece.

Amanza Smith gloves
Amanza won her battle against cancer recently. (Source: Instagram)

Further, it was not a way for Amanza to hide her tattoo, as she seemed to flaunt it in many instances.

Moreover, the women on the show seem to have developed a cult-like obsession with hand accessories.

But the gloves have dominated the scene as they have worn driving gloves to mid-length opera ones on the show.

Likewise, Amanza has also worn a confining shirt plus gloves in combination with a funky pattern.

According to the stylist, Sammie M, Amanza and others wear gloves as it is a new concept that garners the attention of the viewers.

However, viewers have raised concerns over the comfort and practicality of the attire.

Amanza Smith wears gloves
Fans have questioned Amanza’s style. (Source: Instagram)

And in many cases, Amanza’s several glove-meet-shirt arrangement seems unsanitary to the fans.

But this has stopped neither Amanza nor others on the show from wearing over-the-top business attire.

Further, the show is not just about houses anymore, as people also look at their outfits, makeup, and hair.

Meanwhile, the style tactics seem to work, as the show was Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched after its release.

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Amanza Smith Shows Off Her New Tattoo On Instagram

Amanza made headlines after the reveal of her new face tattoo.

The actress Amanza recently got a tattoo on her jawline which says “invincible,” along with three new ones.

Further, Amanza showed off another small one on her thumb that read “mom” and the word “pray” on the outside of her pinky finger.

Likewise, she also has a small star design on one of her ears.

Fans were shocked to see the new designs on the actress’s body. However, she is no new to the world of inked creations.

Amanza Smith wears gloves which hide tattoos
Amanza links emotional meaning to her tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

Amanza has many other tattoos spread all over her body with different meanings.

Moreover, she has a neck tattoo that says, “Let Go, Let God,” which is a phrase that the model lives by.

Meanwhile, Amanza also has a tattoo of arrows on her arms, which indicates the name of her kids in the Morse code.

Similarly, she got the tattoo with Taye Diggs, whom the actress dated after her divorce.

She also has one on her wrist and another behind her ear, which says “kind.”

The work of art seems like a way for the star to express her personality and character since many of her tattoos are linked with challenges that Amanza has been through.

Further, she has dedicated some of her tattoos to her kids and parents.

In total, Amanza has 15 tattoos, but the details of most remain undisclosed by the reality TV star.

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