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Cassandra Bjorge Parents: Meet Mother Amanda And Family

Following the tragic events in which Cassandra Bjorge and her boyfriend were involved in the murder of her grandparents, some online individuals are actively searching for information about her parents and personal details. Let’s get into it!

Cassandra Bjorge gained notoriety upon her arrest in 2017 for the murder of her grandparents alongside her boyfriend, Johnny Rider.

Johnny Rider and Cassandra Bjorge share the same hometown of Lawrenceville, Georgia.

In addition, Cassandra was 17 years old, and her boyfriend was 19 when this incident occurred.

After purportedly killing Cassandra’s grandparents, the teenagers threw a party, leaving the bodies of the elderly victims in the home.

This disturbing incident from April 2017 has left the community reeling from the incomprehensible actions.

Even now, this has been a topic of discussion, as netizens are curious about the parents and family of Cassandra Bjorge and their presence during the incident.

Meet Cassandra Bjorge Parents: Amanda Sterling And Family

Many netizens are curious about the parents of Cassandra Bjorge and her personal life after the heinous crime of murdering her grandparents.

Cassandra Bjorge’s mother is Amanda Sterling, but information about her father has not been disclosed.

Sterling disclosed that Bjorge, with a lengthy juvenile court history, dropped out of school and was placed on probation.

Mugshots of Cassandra and Johnny.
Their release from prison seems highly unlikely in the foreseeable future. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, they mention that Bjorge’s persistent behavioral issues prompted her grandparents to take custody.

The family moved her to stability with her grandparents in Lawrencevilpt to remove her from an unfavorable influence in Duluth.

However, the behavioral issues didn’t cease even after Cassie moved in with her grandparents.

Some calls were for domestic disputes and drug suspicions, and the teenager had a prior charge for allegedly assaulting her grandmother.

In addition, in a statement, she said,

Not in a million years did I think something like this would ever happen.

According to warrants, the grandparents were beaten with a tire iron before being stabbed to death.

Cassandra's mother, Amanda with her attorney.
Cassandra lived with her grandparents, Wendy And Randall Bjorge. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, Johnny and Cassandra had plans that went beyond the grandparents, targeting Cassandra’s mother.

After killing her grandparents, Cassandra and Johnny moved bodies to their bedroom, ordered food, smoked marijuana, and invited friends for a party.

Regrettably, the parents of Cassandra Bjorge carry the enduring pain of their daughter’s actions, making it difficult to live with heads held high.

Thus, numerous individuals have shown interest in learning more about the family and parents of Cassandra Bjorge.

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Where Is Cassandra Now? 2023 Update

Following the incident, the police department issued a statement describing it as a unique and disturbing case, with the motive still unknown.

In February 2018, authorities held Johnny Rider, 19, and Cassandra Bjorge, 17, accountable for their heinous deeds.

After ruthlessly assaulting and stabbing Cassandra’s grandparents, the pair pleaded guilty and left their bodies to rot while savagely enjoying parties.

Cassandra Bjorge with her boyfriend.
The teens partied after murdering her grandparents. (Source: Twitter)

Their audacious involvement in social activities after committing such a heinous act adds a chilling layer to this already horrific tale.

For their crimes, each teenager received two life sentences with parole eligibility after 60 years, plus a concurrent 21-year sentence.

The charges included murder, aggravated assault, and theft about the horrifying events in Lawrenceville in April 2017.

As a result, their release from prison seems highly unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Regardless of the motive, they are currently spending their sentences in prison for their crimes.

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