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Murder Of Grandparents Randall And Bjorg: Cassandra Byorg Sentence

It is always shocking when a family member murders the victim. Cassandra Byorg and her boyfriend were planning to kill not only her grandparents but also her mother. Let’s explore the details of the crime.

Cassandra Byorg, a 17-year-old teenager, was found guilty of murdering her grandparents with her boyfriend Johnny Rider.

Johnny Rider is also a teenager who is 19 years old and they are both from Georgia, Lawrenceville.

The teenagers allegedly threw a party after killing Cassandra’s grandparents.

Further, the bodies of the two elderly were still present in the home after their murder.

This shocking and sad news has been surfacing on the Internet since it happened in April of 2017.

The grandparents of Cassandra Byorg may have died that day but they are still the topic of discussion among many people who still want to know why she did what she did.

Cassandra Byorg & Boyfriend’s Gruesome Attack On Grandparents Unveils Shocking Details

According to the reports, the two teenagers Cassandra Byorg and her boyfriend Johnny Rider went into Cassandra’s grandparents’ home.

They started kicking and punching Grandpa Randall, and Grandma Bjorg and finally, they killed them by stabbing them.

Cassandra Byorg Grandparents
Cassandra Byorg and Johnny may have been under the influence while killing the grandparents. (Source: Twitter)

After killing them, they took the bodies of the grandparents of Cassandra Byorg to their bedroom.

What’s more shocking is that Cassandra and her boyfriend Johnny after killing the elderly went on to order food and smoke marijuana.

Not only that, they even invited a few of their friends for a party at Cassandra Byorgs’ grandparents’ home.

After their arrest, more details about the attack came forward.

Cassandra Byorg and her boyfriend Johnny used a hammer and a baseball to beat up her grandparents.

Further, Cassandra says that Johnny after entering her grandparent’s home started attacking her grandmother.

Cassandra Byorg boyfriend
Even though the murderers might have been very young, they got the sentences that they deserved. (Source: Twitter)

She went on to confess that after seeing Johnny attack her grandmother, Bjorg, she felt a surge of energy.

This led her to drag her grandmother into her grandfather’s bedroom while duct-taping her.

The police discovered their heinous crime after the two teenagers went on to attack Johnny’s sister and her boyfriend.

The bodies of the grandparents of Cassandra were found on the 8th of April 2017.

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Teens Confess Shocking Murder, Weird Reasons & Terrifying Plan Exposed

After the incident, the Police Department came forward with a statement.

They say that this is a very unique and disturbing case and the motive of this crime is still yet to be found.

Later they again came forward with another statement saying that the teenagers had confessed to killing the elderly because they ‘basically had enough of them.’

Another shocking confession is that the teenagers were also planning to murder Cassandra’s mother Amanda Sterling.

Cassandra Byorg Grandparents murder
The community is still healing after the shocking incident. (Source: Twitter)

After finding this chilling information Amanda spoke to the media that she never thought something like this would ever happen.

Luckily the two teenagers were on arrest before they carried on with their crime.

The reports suggest that the two of them have broken up.

They both have received life sentences for their crime and are very unlikely to get out of prison any time soon.

This is not the first time such young people like Cassandra and Johnny have done such a crime.

But what makes this case stand out is that the reasons they gave for their crime to the Police Department do not make any sense.

Either they might be hiding something or one of them had a very bad influence on the other one.

Whatever the motive might be they both are in prison right now and are serving for their crime.

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