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One Piece: Wimp To Manly Coby Glow Up! Devil Fruit Or Training?

Amidst the various events taking place in the One Piece saga, the recent appearance of Coby has left fans wondering about his wimp to manly glow up.

Coby, one of the first characters introduced in One Piece, appears back in the second chapter of the manga and the first episode of the anime.

In the first instance, Coby is presented as a crybaby ship caretaker of the Alvida Pirates before meeting Luffy.

Being the first person Luffy befriended, he inspired Coby to become more confident.

This inspiration from Luffy earned Coby fame as a hero with his actions in the Rocky Port Incident. Although he is just a side character in the series, fans love Coby for his compassion and politeness.

Despite many years of the series, fans cannot help but wonder about the true reason for the glow up in Coby.

One Piece: Wimp To Manly Coby Glow Up

In his first appearance, Coby was a timid, stupid, and wimpy kid.

Coby looked like a chubby boy with distinct pink hair and round-frame glasses who was even scared to talk with the strong pirates.

Coby during early episode in Alvida pirate ship
Coby was always a crybaby during the early episode of One Piece

However, with time, Coby has grown thinner and taller and has gained a cross-shaped scar above his right eye.

As seen in the anime, his hair has grown longer and shaggier, retaining its signature pink color.

Also, Coby’s glasses are still present, although he has adopted the habit of wearing them pushed up on his forehead.

However, the significant change in Coby since the time skip is he has turned taller and wears a standard-issue Marine senior officer patterned bandana coat with the word “Justice” on it.

Post time skip Coby while he met Rebecca
Time skip Coby in his uniform (Source: Youtube)

The change could be because Coby has had immense dedication from the early days. He always acted on a moral compass rather than recklessness.

He also led himself to be a courageous person and decided to leave the pirate life completely and become a dedicated military man.

This must also be why he recently joined the ranks of a special unit called SWORD.

Despite all, Coby’s journey from a weak chore boy to a Marine has deemed him the most transformative character in One Piece.

The most surprising part of his development, however, has to be his strength. So, what is the reason behind such a distinct transformation?

Devil Fruit Or Training? Reason Behind Coby’s Glow Up

Initially, Coby had no combat prowess, let alone above-average physical abilities. He is also one of the characters who don’t possess the power of devil fruit.

Even at the beginning of the series, Luffy described Coby as,

Pretty stupid and useless and kinda wimpy too

But that is not how we see the present Coby.

All the glow-up and skill that Coby has are all due to the training with Bogard under the supervision of Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp.

Furthermore, he gained remarkable physical strength and speed through rigorous training under Garp.

Garp training Coby and Helmeppo while disguised in a costume.
Coby, along with Helmeppo, training with Garp (Source: Facebook)

After the two-year time skip, Coby reached the rank of Captain, which granted him command over lower-ranked Marines and charge of his ship.

Coby’s physical abilities are on a different level than from the beginning of the series.

Moreover, he is a skilled user of Haki, which fans witnessed during the Summit War of Marineford.

In the recent manga chapters, Coby has used Busoshoku Haki, proving his advanced powers and skills.

Even though Garp has personally groomed him, Coby never showed off his actual skill until recent chapters, where he displays the extent of his powers.

Not only has Coby just awakened his raw powers, but he has also sharpened his tactical mind with time.

In addition to that, Coby represents the rising Marine generation and has grown into a balanced fighter.

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