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Elijah Schaffer Wife Kezia Schaffer: Partner, Family & Kids Detail

As the news of Elijah Schaffer being fired from The Blaze media network reached a broad audience, people globally have shown interest in his personal life and details about his wife and kids.

Elijah Schaffer is an accomplished American personality, renowned for his multifaced career in the entertainment world.

Born on April 15, 1993, he is a journalist, TV host, reporter, producer, and a famous podcaster.

Elijah came into prominence in 2020 after covering riots in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

Since then he has continuously worked with multiple media outlets and podcasts as a host and reporter.

Additionally, Elijah also owns a podcast channel named Slightly Offensive with over 557k subscribers on YouTube.

Meanwhile, as he continues to captivate a worldwide audience, his personal details have become a topic of interest among his followers.

With this rising interest, many people have gone online searching for the details about the family and wife of Elijah Schaffer.

Who Is Elijah Schaffer Wife Kezia Schaffer: Married Life And Kids

In the ever-evolving world of social media and fame, the personal life of prominent personalities often sparks curiosity among their fans.

Likewise, the family details of American host, Elijah Schaffer including his wife Kezia have become an important topic among his followers.

Born and raised in California, the famous TV personality, Elijah shares a married relationship with his wife, Kezia Schaffer since 2020.

Elijah Schaffer captured along with his wife.
Elijah and Kezia have been in a relationship for seven long years. (Source: Instagram)

The couple initially met in 2018 and remained in an unmarried relationship for almost two years.

Later in January 2020, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony.

Additionally, the couple is also blessed with a son whom Elijah refers to as, Baby E on his Instagram post.

However, the name and identity of the kid have not been disclosed to the public, he often shares his gratefulness in being a father.

Meanwhile, talking about Kezia, she is a self-accomplished woman and has served multiple companies throughout her career.

She has worked with Country Road Group based in Australia and is a former camp counselor at Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center.

Elijah Schaffer captured carrying his baby.
Elijah and Kezia are parents to a newly born child. (Source: Instagram)

Although further details about her personal life are still unknown it is known that her parents share a strong bond with Elijah and his family.

Moreover, based on Elijah’s recent Instagram post, Kezia seems to have taken a break from her professional life to focus on their newborn baby.

Nevertheless, the Schaffer family currently resides somewhere in the United States sharing a lifelong bond.

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Elijah Schaffer’s Family Details: Parents And Siblings

The renowned American podcast host, Elijah Schaffer was born to his parents in California.

He is the son of American parents, Maureen Schaffer (mother) and Moreso Schaffer (father).

According to some sources, Maureen worked as a conference speaker and Bible teacher in her community.

On the other hand, Moreso has been serving as a Pastor in the community church for a very long time.

Raised in a working-class family, Elijah spent most of his childhood in the vibrant environment of California.

Elijah Schaffer captured along with his family.
Elijah Schaffer is the middle child of his parents. (Source: Instagram)

However, in mid-June 2020, a tragedy struck his family after his mother passed away while in battle with cancer.

In addition to that, Elijah also has two siblings, a sister, Grace Schaffer, and a brother Josiah Schaffer.

Meanwhile, sister Grace holds a master’s degree in Psychology and works a full-time job for her profession.

Similarly, Brother Josiah is also an accomplished person in his respective profession.

Moreover, all three of them have shared a strong bond since their childhood and often appear together on various occasions.

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