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Harold Henthorn Wikipedia, Age: Murderer Husband With Trial Date

The story of Harold Henthorn and his connection to his wife’s death will always be remembered, but his life is still a mystery as he lacks a Wikipedia page. Find out details about the murderer further in this article.

Harold Henthorn came to light after his arrest for killing his wife, Toni, in 2012.

Investigators were suspicious of Harold when the story of the accidental death of Toni did not add up.

Further, the authorities also learned that his first wife had also died under suspicious circumstances.

Following his trials, Harold tried to prove his innocence despite the solid evidence against him.

Now, people are curious about Harold Henthorn and want to learn more about the killer through his Wikipedia.

Harold Henthorn Wikipedia: Story Behind His Wife’s Murder

The absence of a Wikipedia for Harold Henthorn surprises many as he was in the spotlight briefly.

Most of Harold’s private life is undercover for privacy and legal reasons.

However, reports state that Harold Henthorn was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on November 15, 1955.

Harold Henthorn for his trial
Harold has different narratives for his wife’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Further, he grew up in the southern state alongside his brother, Rob Henthorn.

Harold was a successful businessman before committing a heinous crime against his wife.

Meanwhile, he met Dr. Toni Bertolet through a dating website called Christian Matchmakes.

Toni recently went through a divorce, and Harold experienced the loss of his wife in a tragic accident four years ago.

Initially married to Lynn, the killer’s spouse died after a vehicle crushed her on a Douglas County road.

However, Harold moved on quickly as he married Toni in 2000, and they soon moved to Denver.

After settling in the new city, the pair welcomed their daughter, Haley, and had a successful marriage.

Harold Henthorn poses with wife
Harold initially had the custody of his daughter, Haley. (Source: Facebook)

But, changes in Toni’s behavior after marriage raised concerns from her family.

Additionally, her co-workers claimed that Harold made Toni uncomfortable and was very controlling.

Later, Toni’s family became concerned when she suffered a severe injury on her neck, fracturing her vertebrae.

In the meantime, Harold decided to take Toni on a hike in the Rocky Mountains for their anniversary.

However, his wife fell 140 feet off the side of Deer Mountain, and Harold recalled the story differently each time.

Upon investigations, Harold Henthorn was charged with the murder of his wife, which is known despite the lack of Wikipedia.

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The Black Widower, Harold Henthorn, Age: Murderer Husband With Trial Detail

Although Harold Henthorn lacked a Wikipedia, people quickly nicknamed him “The Black Widower.”

Further, as investigations proceeded, police found a suspicious map of where Toni had fallen off.

The 68-year-old convict was presented in court, where he tried to maintain his innocence.

Moreover, Toni’s family was not convinced of his stories, and Harold was sentenced to life in prison.

Likewise, the trial for Toni also opened the closed case of his first wife and her accident.

The testimonies given by Harold were different, with each police officer further proving his true intentions.

Toni's family speak against Harold Henthorn
Harold tried to prove his innocence in court. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, in the case of Toni, the murderer was the beneficiary of $4.7 million in the life insurance of his wife.

This hinted at the true motives of the killer as he had claimed the insurance money for his self-interest.

Additionally, the jury convicted Harold of murder after about ten and a half hours of consideration.

When Harold claimed his trial attorney was dishonest and demanded a new trial, the judge denied his request.

Thus, to date, there is no public information regarding new trial dates for Harold Henthorn.

Currently, Harold has not contacted the outside world, including his daughter.

Moreover, his daughter is in custody of Toni’s brother after a difficult trial in the court.

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