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[Neon Genesis Evangelion] Is Shinji Canonically Gay? Gender And Sexuality

The Neon Genesis Evangelion fans are in confusion about one of the anime’s characters. Shinji and Kaworu appear to be more than just friends. Is Shinji gay or bisexual? Let’s dive deep into it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very popular anime series that has been winning the hearts of many fans worldwide.

One of the very important characters of the anime series is Shinji Ikari, the central protagonist of the series.

Shinji is the third child of the main protagonist and is a pilot of Evangelion Unit 01.

After his mother’s unfortunate death, he lived with his sensei for 11 years.

It wasn’t until Tokyo-3 took him to pilot Unit 01 against the Angels.

Recently, the topic of discussion surrounding Shinji is about his sexuality in the anime series.

Is Shinji Gay? Unraveling the Mysteries of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Until now, in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji always appeared as a straight male, not gay.

His attraction to many female characters like Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi, and Asuka Langley Soryu was visible in the anime.

However, his interactions with other male characters like Kaworu Nagisa have raised some speculations about his sexual orientation.

Shinji Ikari with female
Shinji’s past storyline suggests that he was into some female characters. (Source: Twitter)

Kaworu Nagisa first came into this series as a best friend of Shinji.

Their interaction made it seem like they had much more going on than just a normal friendship.

The fans of the anime series have been shipping the two characters ever since the arrival of Kaworu.

These fan theories are often pure speculation and less likely to be true.

But in this case, an adaptation of the manga by character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto in 2006 has clarified Kaworu’s romantic interest in Shinji.

In his manga adaptation, the two characters have very explicit interactions with each other, hinting that Shinji is gay.

Fans are wondering if, if Shinji is gay and is romantically linked with Kaworu, it is the right way to put it in the anime series.

Is shinji gay
Fans believe that Shinji was visibly shy and blushing when he saw Kaworu. (Source: Twitter)

The LGBTQ+ fans of this show have been waiting for a proper representation of their community for a long time.

Some series adaptations openly celebrate the homosexual relationship between Shinji and Kaworu.

The other interpretations are more subtle regarding the portrayal of the relationship.

The anime fans think the translation appears “less gay” on Netflix.

Shinji’s Sexual Orientation: Complex Interpretation in the World of Evangelion

Shinji has been a topic of discussion in many fan groups, whether gay or heterosexual.

One user made a point that Shinji’s sexual orientation is very complex.

Instead of identifying as a gay or straight person, he may identify as a bisexual person.

Another user adds that fans could have been overanalyzing the whole situation between Shinji and Kaworu.

Shinji and Kaworu
Shinji and Kaworu seem to have much more going on than just a friendship. (Source: Twitter)

They believe Shinji does not have as intense feelings for Kaworu as fans think.

The user writes that Shinji’s closeness towards Kaworu is mainly because of his inner struggle and need for affection.

According to them, the interaction between Shinji and Kaworu does not hint at anything about Shinji’s sexual orientation.

There are many assumptions and interpretations of Shinji’s sexuality and gender, but up until now, the makers have not made it clear.

Fans are, as usual, free to create their theories, but only the revelation from the anime itself will make Shinji’s sexuality an open book.

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