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Is Thanos An Anti Hero Or Villain: Why? With Reasons Explained

It’s not uncommon for Marvel fans to create various theories about their favorite characters. And this time, fans are debating whether Thanos was a villain or an anti-hero.

Thanos, as shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a very powerful character who plays a central role in the Avengers’ storyline.

He wanted to make the universe better by wiping off half of all living things to balance the universe.

To do this, he needed to collect special stones with superpowers called Infinity Stones.

Despite the fact that he wiped out Marvel heroes in the process, fans could not help but say perhaps Thanos was right. It, in turn, resulted in a debate if Thanos was an anti-hero.

Fan Debate: Thanos Villain Or An Anti-Hero?

When Thanos was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, he was entirely an evil villain for Avengers.

Further, he is clearly depicted as a supervillain by the makers as all the heroes come together as a force to defeat him.

But, interestingly, there are many Marvel fans who argue that he might actually be an anti-hero instead.

Thanos Hero
Thanos does sometimes look like an anti-hero. (Source: Twitter)

One Redditor made a post asking about why people think he is an anti-hero, to which a fan replied,

Things He does are just because he wants to see what will happen, not because he’s evil.

They think it’s cool why he does what he does because it makes him a deep and interesting character.

Thanos has some qualities we usually like, like being truthful, sticking to rules, and caring about what’s good for everyone.

However, the majority of Marvel fans strongly disagree with the concept.

One Fan explained why Thanos is clearly a villain by stating that Thanos imposed his own will over an entire universe.

Thanos a Villain
Thanos is a Villain or an Anti-hero. (Source: Theedgesusu)

Their argument is extremely strong as even though Thanos wanted to balance things, wiping many people, including some Avengers like Groot, is still terrible.

If Thanos really cared about the universe, he could have used the Infinity Stones to do good things instead of hurting others.

Many Marvel fans believe that Thanos was stubborn and thought only his way was right.

But he ended up causing a lot of pain and suffering. A fan disagreeing with Thanos being an Anti-hero wrote,

Every villain thinks they’re the hero in their own story, but that doesn’t make them an anti-hero.

Neither A Hero Nor A Villain: Thanos an Anti-Villain?

One of the most amazing things about the MCU is that they leave their fans wondering about a lot of different theories of their own.

Among the ‘Thanos, anti-hero or villain’ fans, there are groups of people who think he is none of them but an Anti-villain.

Thanos The king
Thanos is shown in the Movie in one of his epic scenes. (Source: Cultura Ocio)

They call him an ‘anti-villain,’ as he does have some good qualities or goals.

But the way he tries to achieve them is really bad. They think Thanos wants to make the universe peaceful by reducing the number of people.

Which sounds good in a way, but he does bad things like hurting and killing many to make it happen.

They also suggest that there’s another way to look at it.

Thanos Anti villain
Thanos showing off his infinity stones in the MCU movie. (Source: IMDB)

Thanos may think what he’s doing is kind because he believes it’s a kind of mercy for those who survive.

In simple terms, they’re saying Thanos is a tricky character. His goals and actions make him hard to label as just a hero or a villain.

They believe he’s like an anti-villain because he does good and bad things, making him interesting and not easily classified.

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