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Is Sam Raimi Avengers Secret Wars Director? MCU Phase 4 Rumor

Marvel fans are divided after the rumor of Sam Raimi directing The Avengers Secret Wars, and the discussion alone about the director is heating the entire fandom.

Sam Raimi is a famous American filmmaker who is popular for directing the Spider-Man trilogy and the Evil Dead movies.

He has also directed other notable films like Darkman, The Quick and The Dead, A Simple Plan, The Gift, Drag Me to Hell, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

In 2022, he directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which became his highest-grossing movie.

He founded two major production companies, Renaissance Pictures (1979) and Ghost House Pictures (2002).

His film productions contain a dynamic style, often inspired by comics and comedy. But fans are doubtful if Sam Raimi is the right fit as a director for The Avengers Secret Wars movie.

Is Sam Raimi the Director Of Avengers Secret Wars? Official Or Rumor!

Despite being famous for being a reliable and experienced director, fans are not sure if he is fit for Secret Wars.

After the rumor broke out, it divided the MCU fans into two. One party deems Raimi fit for the position, while another is in dilemma.

Some fans think that it would be amazing if Sam Raimi were to direct Avengers Secret Wars.

But the anticipation of how he will leave the movie has divided the Marvel fans.

Doctor strange Sam Raimi
A fan edit of the Doctor Strange movie directed by Sam Raimi. (Source: MovieWeb)

On the other hand, some fans do not trust Raimi for projects this big. His latest work in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has disappointed fans.

Some fans stated that Sam Raimi shouldn’t be given the project as he mishandled Multiverse of Madness. He simply retold the story from the WandaVision series.

They think the final movie was quite different from the original idea.

So, it is reasonable they do not want Sam Raimi to direct MCU’s phase 4, The Avengers: Secret Wars movie.

However, it is well-known that Raimi didn’t write the script for Doctor Strange. And he had to take over the project later.

Even though the script changed a lot, some fans liked Raimi’s direction in the movie.

This is why many still believe that Sam Raimi could give the Avengers Secret Wars movie an amazing directorial.

Sam Raimi Avengers secret wars
Sam Raimi is a big MCU fan. (Source: CBR)

Besides this buzzing debate, Sam Raimi directing Secret Wars is not official yet. And thus, it is merely a speculation from the fanbase.

So, until and unless Marvel confirms the news, there are no valid sources to guarantee Raimi as director for Secret Wars.

Speculations on Secret Wars Movies and Phase 4 Wrap-Up

As we all know, Marvel has some of the very loyal and hardcore fans among other movie franchises in the industry.

They are very particular about the new content Marvel will produce for them in phase 4.

In Phase 4 of the MCU, there have been some really good and some not-so-great things, which aligns with how the MCU has always been.

But the releases are happening more quickly now, which is better than nothing.

MCU phase 4
MCU Phase 4 movies that have been and are to be released. (Source: Super Hero Hype)

Now, after all these movies, fans say that the Secret Wars movies would be the perfect wrap-up for the entire phase.

However, there are also speculations that the Secret Wars movies could be an entirely separate phase itself.

[Fan Theories] Is It Possible That Secret Wars A Separate Phase Itself?

The fans have various theories about the upcoming movies, and they are suggesting that it could adapt comic book stories.

They believe the movie could combine stories from the original Secret Wars from 1984 and the newer one from 2015.

They also suggest the movie might involve a battle between the Avengers and the X-Men.

MCU phase 4 Secret Wars
MCU Phase 4 Secret Wars looks promising. (Source: WhatCulture)

The 2015 comic story had “incursions,” where heroes from the 616 universe (the main Marvel Comics universe) had to fight heroes from the Ultimate universe to stop their worlds from crashing together.

One of the Redditors shared a similar idea for the movie. But instead of the 616 and Ultimate universes, it would be the main MCU heroes and villains facing off against the X-Men heroes and villains from Fox.

They suggested that the MCU heroes would fight to prevent an “incursion” and protect their universes.

Let us wait and see whether the rumors about MCU Avengers secret wars are true, along with the speculations of Sam Raimi directing it.

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