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Kenjaku Vs Takaba? JJK Chapter 239 Leaks & Raw Scans Twitter

The world of JJK is in chaos as the story reaches an intriguing point with each release, making readers excited about chapter 239 leaks.

The latest release of Jujutsu Kaisen has turned the story in another direction following a powerful fight.

Sukuna indulges in a fierce battle with Kasimo, leaving readers with even newer questions.

However, Kashimo meets his end in the previous chapter, which is quite unexpected.

Further, the events are more thrilling as Yuji and Higuruma enter the battlefield to face the king of curses.

Many look forward to the new chapter of JJK as leaks of chapter 239 circulate the internet.

Kenjaku Vs Takaba? JJK Chapter 239 Leaks And Raw Scans Twitter

The JJK chapter 239 leaks start with a change of viewpoint where a girl is running away from someone.

Further, she seems angry at Kenjaku for all that’s happening in the culling game.

However, a jellyfish-type curse traps the girl as she hears Kenjaku talk about his technique.

Moreover, Kenjaku reveals that he applied cursed objects on reincarnated sorcerers and cursed symbols on awakened ones.

JJK leaks new chapter
Kenjaku monitors the game with the help of the curse technique. (Source: Twitter)

But the reintroduced character, Hazenoki, interrupts him and jokes about the requirements to be his friend.

Then Kenjaku watches Gojo and Sukuna’s battle through a screen and realizes that Sukuna expanded his cursed technique.

In JJK chapter 239 leaks, Kenjaku states that he will know if anyone left Shinjuku based on the total amount of cursed energy.

Currently, Yuta is at number two with the most noticeable energy in the area.

Suddenly, Kenjaku attacks Hanenoki, and he tries to survive by throwing teeth embedded with his technique.

Takaba enters the fight in JJK
Takaba is surprisingly strong despite his score in the culling game. (Source: Twitter)

However, the curses of Kenjaku surround him as he tries to run away.

Further, when asked about his objective, Kenjaku says he will end the culling game by eliminating all the players.

Likewise, he plans to start the merging process of Tengen with all the people of Japan.

The leaks of chapter 239 then show Takaba arriving to fight Kenjaku in JJK.

But Kenjaku immediately attacks Takaba, but he survives the fierce attack.

Moreover, the chapter concludes with Takaba talking to Kenjaku about various things to be excited about.

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Jujutsu Kaisen New Chapter Release Date And Time

The leaks have revealed that the new release of JJK will be full of plot details.

Further, the reintroduction of Kenjaku in the story is another exciting aspect of the release.

Chapter 239 of JJK is set to be released on October 22 at midnight Japanese Standard Time.

After its release in Japan, it will become accessible in various time zones worldwide. Further, fans can visit Manga Plus and Viz Media websites to read the latest chapter.

Moreover, JJk will be on the cover of the following Weekly Shonen Jump magazine with its new chapter.

Likewise, readers expect a continued release of further chapters with no breaks.

Kenjaku and Takaba in leaks
The plot thickens as Takaba arrives to fight Kenjaku. (Source: Twitter)

As the series was on break this week, people searched the internet for leaks of the story.

Being an action-packed manga, JJK has gained popularity among readers worldwide. So, it is natural for readers to circulate spoilers and leaks before the official release.

Online platforms like Twitter and Reddit are filled with discussion threads and leaks of JJK manga.

Readers are always hyped up for newer releases due to the unpredictable plot of the series.

However, the circulation of leaks takes away the anticipation of the plot from the fans.

The legal team has removed hundreds of threads, but this has not stopped fans from creating new forums.

Nonetheless, all these leaks have convinced people that the next release will be thrilling.

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