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Meet Mike Lawler Wife Doina Lawler: Wikipedia, Age, & Nationality

With Mike Lawler running for New York’s 17th congressional district, the eyes are on his wife, who also has a significant lifestyle. Learn more about the duo further in the article.

Born on September 9, 1986, Mike Lawler is an American politician serving as a U.S. representative.

He was also a New York State Assembly member from the 97th district in Rockland County.

Further, Mike has had a significant run in his career as an executive officer in numerous notable companies.

Meanwhile, he balances his married life with Doina Lawler while actively participating in politics.

So, due to their private life, many are curious to learn more about the wife of Mike Lawler including her career, age, and more.

Meet Mike Lawler Wife, Doina Lawler: Wikipedia And Age Of Assistant Director

Despite remarkable works in her career, the wife of Mike Lawler does not reveal much of her personal life.

Doina Lawler has kept details about her birth date a secret, making it hard to guess her age.

However, based on her appearance, one can assume that the politician’s wife is in her late 30s.

Mike Lawler with his wife
Doina has shown immense support to Mike. (Source: Twitter)

As for her career details, Doina’s LinkedIn profile provides a brief look into her lifestyle.

She attended Alexandru Loan Cuza University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and marketing.

Doina did not stop there as she pursued a Master of business administration at Manhattan College.

Likewise, she entered her professional life as a Media & PR Coordinator for the Association of Young Romanians Outside the Borders.

While there, Doina initiated activities and events related to students’ social, cultural, and academic life of students.

Similarly, she joined the Bank of America as a bank teller and remained in the position for over a year.

Mike takes a photo of his wife
Doina recently received her American citizenship. (Source: Twitter)

After gaining such experiences, the wife of Mike Lawler moved to Manhattan College as an officer of admissions.

In the same institute, Doina was promoted as a graduate admissions coordinator.

Later, the higher-ups realized her true potential and gave her the role of Assistant Director.

Apart from that, Doina married Mike on April 11, 2015, which makes a memorable day in their lives.

Currently, Mike lives in Pearl River with his wife and their 1-year-old daughter, Julianna.

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Diona Lawler Nationality: Protestors Target Her For Abortion Rights

Many have questioned Doina Lawler’s nationality, as the politician shared news about his wife’s citizenship.

Originally, Doina hails from Moldova, a landlocked country in the northeastern corner of the Balkan region.

Further, she moved to the States for better opportunities and education.

Nevertheless, Doina received her citizenship in 2020, making her an American by nationality.

Mike Lawler stands with Doina
Mike and Doina have different careers. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, her marriage with Mike was going smoothly until Democrats attacked her.

Soon after the birth of their daughter, Mike Lawler and his wife were the target of the ongoing debate over abortion.

Mike showed anger towards Rockland County Democrats who were behind such an incident.

Moreover, he was having an end-of-quarter fundraiser at the County Club when the party organized a protest.

Similarly, they invoked his wife, Doina’s name, which was vile according to the politician.

Likewise, photos show members of the Democratic party questioning the congressional candidate’s stance on abortion.

Mike and his family
Mike spends quality time with his wife and daughter. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Mike believed that the protestors were criticizing his wife for being fortunate enough to have the choice to give birth.

Speaking on his partner’s behalf, the politician added,

It’s really unfortunate that once again the people who claim to be the most tolerant invoke family into a political campaign

Following such events, the Rockland County Democratic Committee Chair, John Gromada, fired back at Mike.

On the other hand, Mile opposes abortion except in cases of rape or incest or if the mother’s life is at risk.

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