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15 Most Expensive Pets You Can Buy

15 Most Expensive Pets In The World.

Which is the most expensive pet you have ever had? 

Let’s face it, we all love pets. Pets are undoubtedly human’s best mates. However, having pets while maintaining their health, safety and taking proper care of them might be quite a difficult task. 

Nonetheless, the warm, friendlier, and cozy feeling that pets provide beats none. It is therefore, some people are ready to spend huge money to buy pets. 

Well, having one of the most expensive pets might be your fantasy as well. Why not spend money on pets if you have enough?

Apparently, some pets on our list of most expensive pets might cost more than your net worth. 

So let’s get started with the 15 most expensive pets you can buy.

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Most Expensive Pets Estimated Worth
15. Ayam Cemani Chicken $2,500
14. Capuchin Monkey $8,500
13. Bongo Antelope $9,000
12. Toco Toucan $7,000 – $11,500.
11. De Brazza’s Monkey $12,000
10. Hyacinth Macaw $14,000
9. Palm Cockatoo $16,000
8. Savannah Cat $20,000
7. Lavender Albino Ball Python $40,000
6. Camel  $55,000
5. Chimpanzee  $60,000
4. Arabian Horse $100,000
3. White Lion Cub $140,000
2. Miss Missy  $1.2 million
1. Pure Bred Red Tibetan Mastiff $1.5 million

15 Most Expensive Pets You Can Buy

All the information and detials are collected from sites like TheRichest and Times of India.

15. Ayam Cemani Chicken

Have you ever heard of a chicken that is all black?

Interestingly, Ayam Cemani Chicken is all black including, its physical appearance, bones, tongue, and meat. It is because of hyperpigmentation due to a condition called fibromelanosis.

Ayam Cemani Chicken
Ayam Cemani Chicken (Source: Pixabay)

Native to Indonesia, this exotic breed of chicken is the Lamborghini of chicken.

Moreover, its price ranges from $2,500-$5,000 depending on the size and health of the bird.

The increase in demand and difficulty for breeding is indeed the reason for its high price.

14. Capuchin Monkey

Well, Capuchin Monkey might be a familiar pet to you as it also appeared on the big screen for television series like Friends and movies like Nights at the Museum and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Their adorable appearance and friendlier nature surely makes you want one.

Capuchin Monkey
Capuchin Monkey (source: Wikimedia Commons)

However, you should be thoughtful before buying one as they can grow aggressive behavior when provoked or irritated.

Besides their expensive purchasing amount ranging from $3,500 to $8,500, they add on additional expenses.

They require food of about $25 per week, and the enclosure costs between $650 and $3,500.

13. Bongo Antelope

Bongo Antelope is among the rarest antelope in the world.

These largest African forest antelope are popular for their white lining on the striking reddish-brown coat and spiraled lyre-shaped horns.

Bongo Antelope
Bongo Antelope (Source: Stockvault)

Unfortunately, it is not legal to own them as pets in many parts of the world. However, Kentucky laws don’t bar one from owing a Bongo antelope.

Most importantly, these shy animals love large spaces, so bring them home only if you can manage enough space for them.

12. Toco Toucan

Native to the Caribbean region, northern parts of South America, and Southern Mexico, these birds can be absolutely astounding pets.

Tocu Toucan
Tocu Toucan (Source: Pixabay)

The vibrant orange beak on the black body with a white throat makes a perfect combination for tucan. In fact, its beak is about 19cm (8 in.)

Toucan is highly expensive, with a price ranging anywhere between $7,000-$11,500. Besides the purchasing cost, you should expect to bear additional high expenses on fruits and nuts.

The energetic nature of Toucan makes them a little hard to handle and care for. Additionally, it can be challenging to train and socialize them.

11. De Brazza’s Monkey

Peculiar for the orange-colored crest on its forehead and a white beard, De Brazza’s Monkey doesn’t come cheap. These monkeys come in about $12,000 with huge additional monthly expenses for taking care on side.

De Brazza’s Monkey
De Brazza’s Monkey (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

These old-world monkeys are native to the swamp forest of central Africa.

Interestingly,   the monkey is named after an Italian explorer by the name of Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza.

Furthermore, De Brazza’s Monkey is illegal in some parts, so make sure to check the legality of owing them before buying one.

10. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is undoubtedly one of the prettiest parrots in the world. The alluring color combination of bright blue and yellow make them stand out so expensive.

Apart from their aesthetic look, they are also the largest species of Macaw and the largest flying parrot species. These species are commonly found in the areas of Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw (Source: Pixabay)

They cost anywhere between $10,000 and $14,000. The expenses for food, including nuts, berries, and seeds, meet about $60 a month.

Not to mention, they require a spacious cage which adds additional expenses in owning them.

They are terrific pets; however not very appropriate for novice bird owners.

9. Palm Cockatoo

One of the most exotic birds, Palm Cockatoo, is loved for its beautiful crest and red cheek patch that changes color when excited.

They are known as Goliath Cockatoo and demand great attention from owners. No matter how loving they can be, they also get irritated and annoyed easily.

palm cockatoo
palm cockatoo (Source: Flickr)

Though they dig a hole in your pocket while purchasing, they are also the cheap ones to care for. The purchasing cost is around  $16,000, with a $1,000 annual expense for care.

Well, be prepared to tolerate their aggression and screams if you are planning to buy one.

8. Savannah Cat

Holding the 8th position on our list of most expensive pets is the gorgeous Savannah cat.

What makes it special is it is an aftermath of unusual cross-breeding. In fact, it is a hybrid between a normal domestic cat and an African Serval.

Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat (Source: Flickr)

Similarly, they have a tall and slender body, creating an illusion of greater size than their actual weight.

Though the cat inherits wild blood, it is reportedly very friendlier and playful, and they love playing in the water.

These cats usually cost anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000, depending on generational differences, gender, and health. In addition, you can expect to spend around  $500 to $1000 a month to look after them.

Above all, the reason for its higher price is difficulty in successfully breeding a domesticated cat with a serval.

7. Lavender Albino Ball Python

It might sound crazy and horrifying, but yeah, people pet snakes too. Also, you will stop to picture snakes, as always scary, once you know Lavender Albino Ball Python.

Most Expensive Pets In The World Lavender Albino Ball Python
Lavender Albino Ball Python (Source: Max Pixel)

Great pet for snake lovers, the ball python is of calm temperament and small in size. The most important thing to care for a ball python is you feed them on time.

Lavender Albino Ball python is the most beautiful python and is native to Africa. Their distinctive red eyes and attractive yellow markings make them one of the most expensive pets costing about $40,000.

Lastly, a ball python is a product of recessive genes.

6. Camel

With a purchasing cost of roughly $55,000, Camel stands out to be one of the most expensive pets you can buy. Camel is mostly popular in the Arab world and is a common pet among wealthy Arabs and oil tycoons.

Most Expensive Pets In The World
Camels Animal Neck Head Nature Mammal Camel Park

Especially popular as a form of transportation, Camel is highly sociable and often makes a good pet animal. However, you should expect to buy a pair because they are less of a loner.

The animal instinctively is quite stubborn and therefore difficult to train for. Additionally, they require a large space for exercise.

5. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees, also commonly known as chimps, are our nearest and dearest species. They are native to the forest and savannah of tropical Africa.

Infant chimpanzees are irresistibly cute, affectionate, needy, and a delight to interact with. It is, therefore, many wealthy people get allured and want to buy them.

Most Expensive Pets In The World Chimpanzee
Chimpanzee (Source: Flickr)

The exotic pet costs above $60,000 and requires hundred of dollars in monthly expenses for proper care.

Not all countries permit pet chimpanzees, so make sure you check that out before buying one.

Chimpanzees grow up fast and develop unique intelligence, consequently making them hard to care for and control. While they grow older, they can be extremely aggressive and wild.

4. Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest and trendy horse breeds in the world. These horses have powerful bones and good hoof walls, providing them super stamina.

They were originally bred in the Arabian desert. And, as they were adapted to live in scorching Arabian deserts, they developed high endurance contributing to longevity and the ability to adapt anywhere.

Most Expensive Pets In The World Arabian Horse
Arabian Horse (Source: Pixabay)

Consequently, these horses are best suited for endurance riding and equestrian sports because of their genetics.

The price varies depending on age, bloodlines, training, and gender—generally, the purchasing cost of a show horse and stallion ranges from $80,000 to $150,000.

3. White Lion Cub

Only the wealthiest among the wealthy can afford the steep price of a white lion cub. Extremely rare and exotic, the white lion cub is one of the prettiest pets.

The white lion was first spotted in 1938 in the Timbavati region of  South Africa.

Interestingly, these lions are not albino but are a byproduct of the rare color mutation responsible for the white fur and the light eyes. As it needs to have recessive genes in both parents for a white lion to be born, they are scarce and therefore very expensive.

Most Expensive Pets In The World White Lion Cub
White Lion Cub (Source: Flickr)

They are illegal in most parts of the world.

The price of a luxury white lion cub is roughly $140,000. Besides, they are expensive pets to care for as they require at least several pounds of meat a day and a proper spacious enclosure.

These cubs love companions, so make sure you buy at least two of them.

2. Miss Missy

How much do you expect to pay for a cow? Between $2,000 and $5,000,right?

Most Expensive Pets In The World Miss Missy
Miss Missy( Source: YouTube)

You might be shocked to know Miss Missy was sold for $1.2 million in 2009. The cow is not usually a fun pet to have around but exceptional enough to own.

Miss Missy is a world-famous Holstein Cow that has won several major titles and was even named the Canada Cow of the Year 2012.

What makes her so special and expensive is her ability to produces 50% more milk than a standard cow.

1. Pure Bred Red Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is unquestionably one of the expensive dog breeds. These thick-haired and large-sized dogs were first bred as guard dogs, manipulated to guard sheep against other wild animals.

One can easily buy a Tibetan Mastiff for a couple of thousand dollars, but it’s hard to find one with purebred.

Most Expensive Pets In The World Red Tibetan Mastiff
Red Tibetan Mastiff (Source: Facebook)

In 2011, 11 months, purebred Red Tibetan Mastiff, named Big splash, was sold for $1.5 million.

Not only are Tibetan Mastiff expensive to purchase but to maintain as well. They require a lot of food and get easily caught up with health issues, including hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye anomalies.

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