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20 Most Valuable Hot Wheels Car in the World

What are the 20 Most Valuable Hot Wheels Car in the World?

American toymaker Mattel introduced Hot Wheels car in 1968, which are recently popular kid’s toys.

It has been around for more than 50 years and, become a regular part of American childhood. There are lots of great cars of different editions to choose from.

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However, in recent times market for rare Hot Wheels is massive, costing thousands of dollars on some car models.

These toys are not of monetary value but are equally priceless and valuable to those fans of hot wheels from the beginning.

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Rank Hot wheels Value Released year
1 Pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb $175,000 1969
2 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto $60,000 2008
3 Over Chrome Mustang $40,000 1968
4  Over Chrome Camaro $25,000 1968
5 Made Maverick Base $15,000 1970
6 Brown Custom Charger $13,000 1969
7 Purple Olds 442 $12,000 1971
8 Ed Shaver Blue AMX $10,000 1969
9 Python With “Cheetah” Base $10,000 1969
10 Blue Rodger Dodger $8,000 1974
11 Brown ’31 Woody $8,000 1969
12 Purple Spectra flame Bye Focal $6,000 1971
13 Red Ferrari 312P  with White Interior $5,000 1970
14  Pink Beatnik Bandit $5,000 1968
15 Red Olds 442 with Black Interior $4,500 1971
16  Green Open Fire  $4,000 1972
17 Red Baron with White Interior  $3,500 1969
18 Pink Superfine Turbine  $3,500 1972
19 Collector Number 271 Funny car $3,500 1955
20 White Z-Whiz  $3,000 1977

Most Valuable Hot Wheels

So let’s get through to know those priceless pieces of Hot Wheels.

The information is obtained from various sources and websites like Wealthy Gorilla, Wikipedia, eBay, and Fatherly.

20. White Z-Whiz

Firstly, the White Z-Whiz is the first Japanese import as a Hot Wheels in the list.

It was released in the last year of the ‘Redline Era’ in 1977. The “Z” in the model that showcases its inspiration from the cars produced by the Datsun Z series.

White Z-Whiz
White Z-Whiz (Source: Fred DieCast)

The first Z-whiz in Japan cast the oldest model of Japanese car called The Datsun Fairlady 2000.

The price of these hot wheels is $3,000.

19. Collector Number 271 Funny Car

This is the hot wheel assigned with collector number 271. Mattel released only 12 of these cars in the year 1955.

They were packed on the Blue Card with a white Collector Number.

Collector Number 271 hot wheels (Source Mercado Libre)
Collector Number 271 Funny Car (Source Mercado Libre)

However, at this time, there are only six of these Collector Number 271 Funny Cars found as carded.

Also, there is not any variation present of this car until today.

The cost of this collector number is $3,500.

18. Pink Superfine Turbine

Thirdly, in the list is one of three new castings released in 1973.

In 2010, Larry Wood designed the Superfine Turbine that was reissued at that time.

It contains a two-tired shelf having a large jet engine in the front with a black interior and a plastic door in the rear.

Pink Superfine Turbine (Source: PicClick)

Likewise, all Superfine Turbines are hard to find, but pink is extremely rare to have.

The price of this valuable hot wheel is $3,500.

17. Red Baron with White Interior

Coming next is a different model of hot wheels that has a white interior in the production model.

It is one of the most popular and coolest-looking Hot Wheels cars ever!

Red Baron with white interior
Red Baron with White Interior (Source: Collectors Weekly)

The white interior in ultra-collectible Red Baron sets them apart from those with black interiors.  Tom Daniel and Howard Rees designed this toy car and released it in the year 1969.

The price of these unique hot wheels is $3,500.

16. Green Open Fire

Next on the list is the Green Open Fire Hot Wheels designed with the aid of Paul Tam.

It was produced in Hong Kong in 1972.

Green Open Fire (Source: Wealthy Gorilla)
Green Open Fire (Source: Wealthy Gorilla)

This hot wheel contains a huge engine and a double set of wheels in front.

The vehicle is primarily based on a stretched AMC Gremlin and is envisioned to be well worth around $4,000.

15. Red Olds 442 with Black Interior

At this number is the similar black interior model with Hot Wheels believed to be a pre-production piece.

Red Olds 442 with Black Interior source WorthPoint
Red Olds 442 with Black Interior (Source WorthPoint)

The designer Larry Wood designed this model with a combination of a Red exterior and Black interior.

It was released in the year 1971 with a price worth $4,500.

14. Pink Beatnik Bandit

This is a toy car based on casting a similar car designed by the legendary Ed Roth.

This hot wheel debuted in the year 1968; however, it was designed in 1960.

Pink Beatnik Bandit
Pink Beatnik Bandit (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, it was one of the original Sweet Sixteen Hot Wheels available in about 18 colors.

But this Pink Beatnik Bandit is supposed to be an ultra-rare one.  This version of hot wheels is worth about $5,000.

13. Red Ferrari 312P with White Interior

This hot wheel was produced at Mattel facility in two countries the United States and Hong Kong.

The Ferrari 312P is of the back interior, but this one was a white interior which is the rarest of the bunch. It was released in the year 1970 with a price of $5,000.

Red Ferrari 312P with White Interior
Red Ferrari 312P with White Interior (Source: Pinterest)

So if you want this, get it soon at a bargain price; otherwise, it’s likely to increase its price next year.

12. Purple Spectraflame Bye Focal

In this number, we’ve another model of Larry Wood, launched in 1971.

It’s primarily based on a ’70 Dodge Challenger, a casting designed with Phil Riehlman.

Purple Spectraflame Bye Focal
Purple Spectraflame Bye Focal (Source: PicClick)

Its fashions are featured with several shades of blue, purple, and magenta.

Mainly produced with a clean blue hood, a few of Bye-Focal were injected V-8s below a tumbler hood.

This particular Bye-Focal is rare because of its paint job costing around $6,000.

11. Brown ’31 Woody

Next on the list is another rarest model of hot wheels so far.

The Brown ’31 Woody was made in the United States in the design of  Ira Gilford and debuted in the year 1969 Hot Wheels series.

Brown ’31 Woody (Source: Sie telecom)

There are just 40 countable pieces of this edition available in the sales.

You can have it featured with a white, champagne, or dark brown interior and a wrinkle or smooth top.

The price of this limited edition is about $8,000.

10. Blue Rodger Dodger

Similarly heading in with every other layout with the aid of Larry Wood, Rodger Dodger was released in 1974 with great success.

It is usually determined in Enamel Plum colorway containing casting primarily based on a ’ seventy-three Dodge Charger standard edition.

Blue Rodger Dodger
Blue Rodger Dodger (Source: maniadecantar.com.br)

However, a blue color variation is scarce and demands a much higher price tag.

Moreover, it was produced in ultralow volumes and is very desirable with a price of around $8,000.

9. Python With “Cheetah” Base

In the number nine of most valuable Hot wheels is Python With “Cheetah” Base.

Initially, it was named cheetah inside the company and later changed to Python, releasing in 1969.

The Cheetah is based on a 1963 car by Bill Cushenberry made in both the United States and Hong Kong.

Python With “Cheetah” Base (Source: CompleteSet)

It was styled using a casting of ’60 Pontiac and a ’61 Corvair, with a small block Ford engine.

But with time, Python was restyled into a new model called the “Tiger Shark.”

The price of this valuable edition of hot wheels is estimated to be $10,000.

8. Ed Shaver Blue AMX

We have a collectible designed by Ira Gilford in eight numbers, launched as part of the mainline collection in 1969.

The USA produced this toy car with a white interior having distinguishable stickers.

Ed Shaver Blue AMX (Source: Pinterest)

These stickers were only present in the custom AMX model as a sign of partnership with UK racing driver Ed Shaver.

That is why it’s crucial to check the stickers before buying a car worth $10,000.

7. Purple Olds 442

Subsequently, here is Olds 442, designed by Larry Wood and released as part of the mainline range of vehicles.

Purple Olds 442
Purple Olds 442 (Source: Shefalitayal)

Mattel’s Hong Kong facility exclusively manufactured it in 1971. Collectors highly pursue the purple color having the rarest Wheels.

This hot wheel is not only rarest but oldest among the production of redline Hot Wheels.

The budget to have these most valuable hot wheels in the world is about $12,000.

6. Brown Custom Charger

Next in the number is a part of the 1969 Hot Wheels range designed by Ira Gilford.

It is based on the style of Dodge Charger manufactured in the United States between 1969 and 1971.

Brown Custom Charger
Brown Custom Charger (Source: Worthpoint)

Among the Spectraflame colorways, the brown variant is the exception, one with a limited number.

However, many creditors take into account it to be a prototype in place of a manufacturing version.

The price to pay for these hot wheels is around $13,000.

5. Mad Maverick Base

The fifth most valuable hot wheel is Mad Maverick Base, released in 1970.

The main luring thing is its base plate cast into its original name, “Mad Maverick.” The car designer Howard Rees made its style based on the Ford Maverick.

Mad Maverick Base fifth most valuable hot wheel
Mad Maverick Base (Source: Facebook)

However, due to copyright issues, the name has changed, therefore making all the pre-named Hot Wheels models more desirable among the collectors.

The price of this valuable masterpiece is about $15,000.

4. Over Chrome Camaro

The fourth most valuable hot wheel is the rare antifreeze Over Chrome finish Camaro, primarily for commercials and advertising campaigns.

Due to this, they did not include the Over Chrome Camaro cars in the production unit. Only 20 Hot Wheels cars with this particular finish exist.

Over Chrome Camaro fourth most valuable hot wheel
Over Chrome Camaro (Source: Autojosh)

Presented in limited amount, couple with rare paint job makes it even high demand and one of the most expensive hot Wheels car. The price of this wheel is $25,000.

3. Over Chrome Mustang

The world’s third most valuable hot wheels are over Chrome Mustang, ultimately made for advertising purposes.

Over Chrome Mustang third most valuable hot wheel
Over Chrome Mustang (Source: Wikipedia)

There is a mystery regarding the patent of this wheeler as it is said right after its owner’s death, a private collection at the trailer park purchased this model in an estate sale.

It is one of only two models like Over Chrome Camaro that sold for $40,000. 

2. Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto

The second most valuable hot wheel in the world is a Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto. The name gives the clear idea that this model of the wheel is embedded in diamonds.

Well, it is obvious!

Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto second most valuable hot wheel
Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto (Source: Pinterest)

Mattel determined to create something unique on their 40th anniversary.  The car has various 18-karat white gold, 2700 diamonds, red rubies, and a custom-made diamond cover.

This Custom Otto was worth $140,000, but during an auction, it sold for $60,000.

1. Pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb

Finally, in the most expensive and valuable Hot Wheel is the Pink rear-loading Beach Bomb. These wheelers were a prototype that remained in possession of a Mattel employee for years.

It is one of the two models in circulation but never released due to being too narrow and top-heavy.

Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb most valuable hot wheel
Pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb (Source: Online redline guide)

Instead,  a model version with side-mounted surfboards and a full-length plastic sunroof replaces the Beach bomb hot wheel for a lower center of gravity.

Although some copies managed to reach into public hands in different colors, only two Pink variations exist.

The price to pay for this one is a whopping $175,000.


The heavy weightage price of toy vehicles virtually blew our minds however turned into fruitful to realize the motive behind such excessive worth.

So in case you love gathering valuable hot wheel cars and want to have one, then ensure to study it.

We wish you enjoyed our list of the 20 most valuable Hot Wheels cars in the World.

Do share your favorite collection in the comment section below.

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