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Naruto Vs Ichigo: Who Would Win? Shinigami Or Ninja

Naruto and Ichigo, possessing unique abilities and powers, have amassed a huge cult-like following. However, fans are arguing about who would win if there was a Naruto vs Ichigo situation.

Naruto and Ichigo are easily two of the most recognized and loved characters. They headline the shows Naruto and Bleach, respectively.

The show’s background in anime and manga means that fans are shared between the shows.

However, both shows have a similar fanbase, which also means that fans regularly pit Naruto vs Ichigo situation.

Further, both are from different shows and different universes and have never crossed paths together.

Also, the show creators are in no hurry to do so because this would only create unnecessary fan war.

Millions around the world love both shows and are huge fans. But fans are eager to know who would win if there was a Naruto vs Ichigo battle.

Naruto Vs Ichigo: Who Would Win?

Shinigami or Ninja Naruto Uzumaki headlines the show Naruto, and Ichigo Kurosaki headlines Bleach.

In recent years, fans have had a rather heated argument across the internet regarding Naruto vs Ichigo.

Moreover, a video posted by the popular channel Death Battle primarily fueled this, pitting the two characters in a battle.

The video is Naruto vs Ichigo and was posted back in 2017. Thus far, it has garnered over 12 million views with over 92 thousand comments.

Power Comparison Naruto is a young ninja from Konohagakure who initially starts out powerless.

Naruto and Ichigo in different situations using their powers
Naruto operates in the physical realm with his summons, while Ichigo operates in both the physical and spiritual realms.

He is even ridiculed by villagers regularly; hence, he starts as a major underdog.

Through the show, Naruto gains strong momentum with major shifts in his powers.

He has the backing of the Nine-Tailed Beast and uses this during his transformations. He has a high level of intelligence, speed, and strength.

Despite this, he only uses half of his potential Kurama during transformations and still defeats almost everyone.

Ichigo’s case is similar as he, too, starts powerless. He gets his powers after a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki transfers her powers to him.

Ichigo has his own Shinigami form, giving him far greater strength and speed. Ichigo’s power is primarily spiritual and sometimes more than he can handle.

Progressing in the series, Ichigo also gains the power of Hollow.

Although he can use this during short bursts of around 11 seconds, this gives him a major upper hand against all his foes.

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Who Would Succeed? Shinigami Or Ninja

If we go by the levels of knowledge and skills, Naruto has a major edge over Ichigo as he has mastered the ninja skill.

Hence, if it does come to blows in a fistfight, Naruto vs Ichigo would end in a one-sided favor towards Naruto.

Fans, however, believe that Ichigo has an advantage in an open battle with weapons.

Naruto Vs Ichigo speculations are taking place among the fans
Naruto is carefree, optimistic, and boisterous, whereas Ichigo is often portrayed as serious and determined. (Source: Wiki Fandom)

When it comes to energy-based attacks, Naruto does have a more diverse compiled skillset.

Hence, in this regard, there is no contest.

When it comes to form, though, Ichigo’s most powerful states have such spiritual power backing that Naruto would not come close.

Overall, fans believe that Naruto vs Ichigo may end up in Naruto’s favor. But this is only a speculation from the Naruto fan base.

Many Bleach fans believe it to be otherwise. So, there is no definite answer to the battle unless the writers of the manga and anime decide its ending.

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