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Luffy Is Sick Like Roger? One Piece 1095 Spoilers: Fight With Ushi Oni Saturn

After confirmation of no break with the recent release, fans discuss spoilers and what to expect from next week’s One Piece chapter 1095.  

With great storytelling and characters, One Piece is popular among readers worldwide.

As the series resumed after a break, recent developments in the story shocked fans and readers.

One of the Five Elders makes an appearance in the middle of all the chaos on Egghead Island.

Further, spoilers and leaks of chapter 1095 of One Piece circulate on various platforms.

Fans discuss their expectations, leaks and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1095, as the story’s direction is quite unpredictable.

One Piece 1095 Spoilers: Fight With Ushi Oni Saturn

In recent chapter 1094, unexpected twists occur as Pacifistas launch an assault against the Marines.

Bonney introduces a new attack called Near Death Experience. But, things appear dire for her and Sanji swoops in to help her.

The story takes a twist as a magical circle forms on the island with an echoing announcement.

After that, Saint Saturn appears with a look of cloud-like hair and beard, massive horns and an intriguing hat.

Saturn transformation in One Piece spoilers
Saturn is the strongest on Egghead Island with a recent appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, many speculate that this is the awakened state of Saturn and his Zoan devil fruit. His powers draw inspiration from Ushi Oni of the Japanese folklore.

In another part of the island, both Luffy and Kizaru have been exhausted from their battle.

The chapter ends with Saturn’s eyes fixed on Luffy as he reaches his limits and turns into an old man.

Further, Bonney stabs Saturn with a teary look, resulting in a cliffhanger. Now, readers expect Bonney to have a clash with Saturn.

However, it is likely to be a quick one unless Saturn holds back his immense power.

Luffy uses Gear 5 in One Piece 1095
Luffy has developed his powers and fights stronger villains. (Source: Twitter)

With the power of The Elders teased during the Reverie flashback, Saturn is currently the strongest on the island.

Likewise, Saturn’s true focus appears to be on Luffy rather than eliminating Vegapunk.

Saturn will most likely toy with Sanji’s group, as they will only be able to hold him off temporarily.

Furthermore, Zoro can assist Sanji’s group because Rob Lucci is likely to be defeated soon.

However, it’s unlikely that they will achieve anything close to victory against the higher power of Saturn.

Readers expect Luffy to bounce back with reactivated Gear 5, which will definitely change the face of battle.

Luffy Is Sick Like Roger In 1095 Spoilers? Illness & Unavoidable Death

People often compare Luffy to Roger in terms of their love for adventure and freedom.

Gol D. Roger is the man who conquered the Grand Line and created the Golden Age of Pirates.

But, Marines execute him in his birthplace, Loguetown, after Roger becomes the Pirate King.

Roger in older episode of One Piece
Roger conquered the Grand Line and collected the treasure referred to as the One Piece. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the series, readers have known Roger obtained an incurable disease during his journey.

Many theorize that the use of Conqueror Haki was the reason for Roger’s illness.

But after the revelation of Saturn’s Devil Fruit based on the Ushi Oni, a Yokai Demon, fans could not turn a blind eye to its powers in Japanese folklore.

As per Japanese folklore, those who fight and encounter Ushi Oni get an incurable disease.

And remember, Roger also had some incurable disease that made him sicker. So, fans began to wonder if Pirate King also faced Saturn.

Bandaged Luffy in recent One Piece episode
His constant strain on the body is decreasing Luffy’s lifespan. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the power of Ushi Oni’s mythic model also has the power to drain soul energy simply via eye contact.

So, as per One Piece 1095 spoilers, fans are now worried that the chapter ending will be very sad.

But it is important to note that Luffy’s crew member Chopper’s dream is to cure any disease.

If Luffy does get sick, Chopper can be the one saving him from his fate.

However, Luffy’s decreasing lifespan could only be the author’s way of creating more tension in the story.

Unless the writer brings back the subject, nothing can be stated as the truth.

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