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Monkey D. Dragon Was Navy? One Piece 1097 Spoilers, Leaks

As the series returns from its break, readers are in a frenzy with the new release of One Piece, and they search for chapter 1097 spoilers and leaks.

The story of One Piece has reached a new point with shocking flashbacks and details for a few chapters.

One Piece is known for its world-building, which is being proved by the saga of the ancient kingdom.

Further, the dark history of the place is unveiled in chapter 1096 of One Piece.

The chapter was designed to transport readers to the past when humans staged a hunting tournament.

Moreover, the arrival of Rocks Pirates has set the series’ hype beyond imagination.

Currently, readers cannot help but search for the spoilers and leaks of chapter 1097 of One Piece.

[SPOILERS] One Piece Chapter 1096 Recap

Let’s look at the latest One Piece release before diving into chapter 1097 spoilers and leaks.

The chapter begins with Kuma and Ivankov creating a plan to escape the ancient island.

Further, their plan involves them taking the Devil Fruit prizes from the Slave Hunt Tournament.

Kuma One Piece spoilers
Kuma joins the Freedom Fighters to save the Sorbet Kingdom. (Source: Reddit)

However, their plan presents hurdles, and Rock’s Pirate arrives at the God Valley.

Moreover, characters like Garp, Roger, and other members of the Rock’s Pirate make an appearance.

But, despite fan theories, the captain, Rocks D. Xebec, does not reveal his face.

On the other hand, Kuma and Ivankov come face-to-face with Big Mom as they’re escaping.

Driven by desperation, Kuma manages to eat the Paw Paw fruit, which gives him the hands of liberation.

Roger One Piece spoiler
Many pirates make an appearance in the God Valley flashback. (Source: Twitter)

However, at the moment, Saturn appears in front of Kuma, who is in his weakened state.

The story changes direction as Kuma, along with Ginny and Ivankov, arrive at the Sorbet Kingdom.

Moreover, Ivankov leaves to enjoy his adventures on the seas.

The chapter ends with Kuma and Ginny crying as they cannot contain the happiness of their freedom.

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Monkey D. Dragon Was Navy?! One Piece 1097 Spoilers, Leaks Reddit

After an intriguing end, fans grew curious for spoilers and leaks of One Piece chapter 1097 as the flashback continued.

The next chapter will mainly feature the development of the relationship between Kuma and Ginny.

As mentioned, Monkey D. Dragon leads a group with Ivankov called the Freedom Fighters.

Further, the chapter 1097 spoilers explore the actions that led Kuma to join the fighters.

Monkey D Dragon
Dragon is a heinous criminal in the One Piece universe. (Source: Facebook)

During the flashback, the king of Sorbet Kingdom placed a massive tax on citizens to pay tribute to the world government.

Moreover, he divided the country into two parts: one under state protection and another outside the law.

Kuma is in the outlaw section who overthrew the king and saved the country.

Similarly, Kuma and Ginny worked in the Revolution Army led by Monkey D. Dragon 14 years ago.

Further, theories about chapter 1097 state that Monkey D. Dragon was in the Navy in the past.

Moreover, the theory explores the idea that Garp enrolled Dragon into the Marines at a young age.

However, Dragon saw corruption and mistreatment of others by the World Government.

One Piece spoilers
Fans anticipate a fight between Dragon and Akainu.

Dragon most likely left the Navy after the incident, making Akainu believe he betrayed the Maries.

This also explains the admiral’s constant efforts to kill Luffy and Ace.

But there are some loose points because Dragon’s past hasn’t been fully revealed.

While some readers agree with Dragon being a former Navy, many oppose the idea.

Further, they claim that Dragon learned about the world’s corruption through his travels.

Nonetheless, as the author loves shocking twists, the possibility is endless.

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