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The Rock In Ballers Has Epic Sauna Scene: Season 2 Episode 7

People are expressing their love for the TV series Ballers because of its story and actors. One of the scenes fans like from Ballers is the Sauna scene with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Stephen Levinson created Ballers, an American television series celebrated for blending sports, comedy, and drama.

Furthermore, it premiered on the HBO cable network on June 21, 2015.

The show stars Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player. He transitions into a new career as the financial manager for other NFL players.

Throughout its run, Ballers featured numerous memorable scenes that resonated with viewers.

One of these scenes that garnered exceptional attention and reactions from fans in Ballers is the sauna scene.

The scene involves Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character in the show. This scene has become particularly iconic and is highly praised by admirers of the series.

The Rock Sauna Scene In Season 2 Episode 7 Of Ballers

Throughout much of the second season of Ballers, viewers eagerly anticipated the moment when everything would start falling apart for Spencer Strasmore.

Episode 7 of Season 2 of Ballers generates a lot of excitement, particularly a famous and intriguing scene known as the Sauna Scene of Ballers.

The episode starts with Spencer and Joe arguing intensely in a sauna.

It starts stemming from the revelation that Joe’s partner had some damaging information about him.

Rock sauna scene of ballers sitting showing his upper body with tattoos in left side
Friendships are teetering on edge in this episode. (Source: Twitter)

Eventually, Spencer confessed to losing $6 million on a high-stakes business venture that marked the end of his career.

Moreover, he had also involved other former players in the venture. Joe gets upset and leaves, and it’s clear their friendship is in trouble.

Later, Spencer faced more bad news. Anderson informed him that the NFLPA was aware of his past.

Additionally, he informed Spencer that they were unwilling to grant him access, and he was promptly fired.

Despite the challenges, Joe, who might have supported him in the past, remained by his side.

While this episode may not be the funniest in the series, it delivered the story viewers hoped for and needed.

Ballers crew
People hoped that Season 2 wouldn’t be the last season of the show. (Source: Facebook)

Fans on Reddit have been discussing the Sauna scene of Ballers, with some enjoying it and others having mixed feelings.

There are saying that the Sauna scene of ballers gained attention not only for its content but also because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got to showcase his physique.

Apart from the Sauna scene of Ballers, various other series elements have piqued people’s interest.

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How Many Seasons Are There Of Ballers?

Ballers has gained a lot of popularity since it was added to Netflix.

The show, starring Dwayne Johnson, is about a retired NFL player trying to become a financial manager for other athletes.

Ballers premiered in 2015 and remains popular in 2023, despite having aired on HBO four years ago.

Even though it only has 47 episodes in its five seasons, many viewers consider it one of the best football shows ever. It started with 10-episode seasons for its first three years.

Interestingly, the show didn’t continue on HBO or HBO Max, and fans have always wondered why.

Rock and Rob in ballers standing
The viewer ratings steadily dropped off with each subsequent season of Ballers. (Source: IMDB)

Although there is no confirmed answer to that question, it’s likely because its viewer ratings were dropping. Hence, season 5 is the last season of ballers.

Although Ballers isn’t based on a true story, it drew inspiration from real-life events.

This is the reason for making it a favorite for football fans.

However, when a show loses its ability to connect with its audience, it’s not a good sign. A similar thing happened to this show.

After a successful first season, Ballers struggled to keep people interested in later seasons, so the show Ballers stopped at season 5.

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