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Rey Skywalker Family Tree: Is She Really A Skywalker Or Palpatine? Explained

Rey has won many Star Wars fan’s hearts with her amazing storyline. Fans still wonder about Rey Skywalker family tree even after the revelation by the makers. So, is she really a Skywalker or a Palpatine? Let’s explore.

Rey is a popular character from the sequel trilogy of the famous show Star Wars. She is portrayed by the actress Daisy Ridley.

The first appearance of Rey took place in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).

The main plot that makes Rey interesting is her journey from a scavenger on the desert planet Jakku to a Jedi Knight.

As the character progressed in the show, fans became even more curious about her identity.

Especially about which family she belongs to, the Skywalker or the Palpatine.

Does Rey Belong To The Skywalker Family Tree? Fans’ Theories And The Makers’ Truth

The makers have finally made the revelation about her family.

However, before diving into that, let’s explore what the fans had to say before the revelation.

Many fans of the show initially thought that Rey’s roots had links with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Rey Star Wars
Whichever family Rey belongs to won’t change the fact that she is an amazing Jedi.

It was because of her accent and her strong connection with the force.

Another theory was that she could be the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

However, after the movie The Last Jedi, many fans had to say that she does not belong to any specific family.

Through the release of the movie The Rise Of Skywalker, the makers finally made revelations about her identity.

The movie shows that Rey and Emperor Palpatine are related.

This means that when it comes to her blood, she is actually from the Palpatine family tree and not a Skywalker.

Rey kills Palpatine
Rey has such a special bond with the Skywalkers.

But the twist is that Rey, at the end of the movie, decides to keep the last name Skywalker as a move to be a part of the family tree.

Rey, however, does not have any biological links with any Skywalkers.

Her decision to keep the name ‘Rey Skywalker’ shows her admiration for the Skywalker family tree.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter of her life and is very significant.

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The Power of Choice And The Skywalker Legacy: Rey Skywalker

The powerful Rey shows that your life is in control and the past does not have to define you.

Rey wanting to be part of the Skywalker family tree shows that it’s not about the family you’re born into but your choices.

She is the perfect example of how you can change your destiny if you want to.

So, why did she decide to take the Skywalker name? It was actually because of her connection with Luke and Leia.

Rey Skywalker Family Tree
The decision to keep Skywalker as her last name was wise. (Source: YouTube)

Luke and Leia were her mentors, teaching her everything about the force and how to be a Jedi.

She kept the name as a way for her to thank them for everything and show how much they meant to her.

Looking back, some may still say that Rey does not belong to the Skywalker family.

Some may say that she will forever be a Palpatine because of her blood.

But it’s upon the fans to choose what they want to identify Rey as.

However, the makers are trying to convey that Rey, although biologically unrelated is a Skywalker.

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