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Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia: Biography, Career, and Personal Life

Very few would fail to recognize the name Savannah Chrisley, a very popular TV personality known for the famous reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Let’s dive deep into her life with this Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia article.

The show features Savannah and her famous family, including her father, Todd Chrisley, and mother, Julie Chrisley.

Todd is a renowned self-made millionaire and has a big fan of himself who aspires to be like him.

Savannah was born on August 11, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, and at only 26, she has been able to achieve unbelievable success.

The famous reality star shares a very close bond with her family.

She has two brothers, Chase Chrisley and Kyle Chrisley, and a sister, Lindsie Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia: From Reality Show Stardom & Beyond

There is no Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia page as of now, but we have all the information about the rising star.

Savannah has not only achieved in the entertainment field but also has a wonderful educational background.

After high school, she went to Lipscomb University and later transferred to Belmont College.

Her decision to switch colleges was because of her willingness to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Savannah and her dad Todd
Savannah is hugely inspired by her very successful, self-made father, Todd. (Source: Instagram)

The show Chrisley Knows Best was her first step toward the entertainment field.

It introduced Savannah to the limelight she had never seen before. People really enjoyed watching her and her family’s unique dynamics.

Apart from the reality show, her participation in beauty pageants also plays a very important role in her fame.

Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia page will be a long list of her successes and achievements whenever it’s made.

Further, she won the title of Miss Tennessee Teen USA as the judges and audiences really loved her on-stage persona.

She was also able to get into the top 5 in another beauty pageant earlier in her life, the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Savannah Chrisley podcast show
Savannah Faith Chrisley has almost 3 Million followers on her Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Her career aspirations do not end here, and she sees herself being a successful manager or agent for successful musicians.

Savannah is also said to be currently working on building her own sportswear fashion line for the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Savannah Chrisley’s Love Life: From Public Breakups To Heartwarming Engagement

While her career life might be very interesting, her personal life is no less.

Her very high-profile relationships are not hidden from the public eye over the years.

One of her very first relationships known to the public was with her boyfriend Blaire Hanks.

Their relationship was one of the highlights of the reality show.

Savannah boyfriend Nick
Savannah and Nick look so compatible, so it’s no wonder they ended up together. (Source: Instagram)

But after many years of dating each other, they decided to part ways in 2017, the reason being unknown.

Savannah said the decision was mutual, and there was no bad blood between them.

After the famous breakup, Savannah briefly dated a popular NBA player, Luke Kennard.

However, the relationship only lasted for four months because of an apparent infidelity.

Currently, Savannah is in a very happy relationship with hockey player Nick Kerdiles.

They met through Instagram, but Savannah’s father, Todd, was initially not sure about Nick.

Later, after winning Todd’s heart, Nick finally proposed to Savannah, and they got engaged on Christmas Eve.

Savannah Chrisley Net Worth, Interests & Car Accident

Apart from her media fame, people also know her as an influencer.

She has a huge following on her social media handles: 2.4 million on Instagram, 330.3k on Twitter, and 1.1 on Facebook.

Fans love being able to get a peek at her life and everything that’s going on.

Savannah Chrisley Wikipedia
Savannah, even though she comes from a rich background, loves hard work. (Source: Instagram)

With such an amazing career and fame, people must be curious about her earnings.

Her net worth reportedly is around $500,000, most of it coming from her involvement in ‘growing up Chrisley.’

She also earns a huge amount from her social media accounts with various endorsements.

Many people who follow Savannah closely know that she is a huge country music fan.

She is a fitness freak and loves going to the gym, lifting weights, and doing workouts.

Savannah also describes herself as a big foodie, her favorite food being chicken and waffles, chocolate lava cake, and chips with salsa.

Further, she recently went through a major car accident, which led to a fracture in her neck and bruises and burns from the airbag.

She accidentally hit a guardrail after losing control.

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