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Thembinkosi Lorch Breakup With Wife Natasha Thahane: Split News

Recently, Natasha Thahane’s Instagram post went viral on social media, making the breakup news with Thembinkosi Lorch a major topic across the internet. So, let’s explore.

Thembinkosi “Nyoso” Lorch is a South African professional soccer player known for playing as an attacking midfielder.

Nokuthula Tutu, professionally known as Natasha Thahane is a South African actress, model, and social media personality. 

While being a renowned celebrity couple, their relationship was marked by controversy.

However, with the recent breakup announcement of Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Thahane, their followers are in shock.

So, let’s find out the truth behind their relationship from the following article.

Thembinkosi And Natasha’s Relationship Details

In the current world of the spotlight, social media influencers often talk about their personal lives.

At this very moment, Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Thahane caught people’s attention after their breakup news.

Thembinkosi and Natasha have been in a relationship since 2021.

Natasha in adidas hoddie and Lorch in tiger print hat
They both are quite private about their romantic relationships. (Source: Twitter)

Their romantic involvement became widely known in 2021 after they were captured sharing a getaway in Zanzibar.

Despite welcoming their baby boy, the couple has refrained from officially tying the knot.

Nevertheless, fans began to observe signs of their separation long before the official announcement.

Although not officially confirmed, fans’ speculations about their separation remained in the realm of rumors.

However, in a post shared by Natasha on February 19, 2024, she disclosed the mutual separation.

Natasha and Lorch
They had a very controversial relationship. (Source: Twitter)

The news didn’t come as a shock to fans, as their long-standing assumptions had prepared them for the announcement.

Meanwhile, within just a few hours of the announcement, the post took the internet by storm, raising questions among their fans about the reason behind their decision.

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Thembinkosi Lorch Breakup With Wife Natasha Thahane: Split News

After the post shared by Natasha made its way to the internet, it instantly caught people’s attention.

Nevertheless, this is not the initial instance of their breakup rumors circulating on the internet.

Natasha had previously addressed the rumors on one occasion,

I’m very happy. I’m treated well. thank you babe. We see each other past our professions. It’s just human, I’ve connected with his soul,

Natasha Thahane instagram post
Fans are not so shocked about their breakup news. (Source: Instagram)

Yet, the situation took a turn, and now she has formally declared her separation from the football player through an Instagram post.

Natasha expresses that they have mutually chosen to go their separate ways but intend to maintain a friendship and co-parenting relationship.

As the news of Natasha and Thembinkosi Lorch breakup circulated online, many of their fans took to social media and shared their concern.

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What Is The Reason Behind Their Breakup? 

The relationships of celebrities have captivated the attention of online users worldwide.

Just like the widespread news of Natasha and Thembinkosi Lorch breakup went viral, fans are eager to uncover the reasons behind their separation.

Thembinkosi Lorch Breakup with Natasha Thahane twitter posts
They have not disclosed the reasons for their breakup. (Source: Twitter)

However, they haven’t revealed the breakup reasons but affirm they will remain friends and co-parent their kids.

Natasha disabled comments, yet fans actively speculated on the reasons for their breakup through various channels.

There’s speculation that Thembinkosi’s transfer from Orlando Pirates to Mamelodi Sundowns might be the reason behind the breakup.

In addition, others speculated that Thembinkosi cheated on Natasha with another woman.

However, without their own confirmation, it’s important not to make baseless assumptions about the rumors.

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