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[Top Boy] Are Sully And Dushane Related: Brothers By Blood or In Crime?

As Netflix’s Top Boy season 3 has finished airing, the question of whether Sully and Dushane are related becomes increasingly frequent. Skim through the article to know more.

Since Top Boy on October 31, 2011, the series has amassed a significant fan.

Initially, the show was dropped before getting a third series by Channel 4.

However, in 2017, Netflix decided to bring the series back to life, thanks to the interest shown by Canadian rapper Drake.

This revival included the return of Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, and the original team, with Drake and his crew taking on executive producer roles.

Following the popularity the series gained from Netflix picking it up, it has received numerous accolades from the British Academy Television Awards.

This has also made fans question the relationship between the two main characters, Sully and Dushane.

[Top Boy] Are Sully And Dushane Related?

Sully and Dushane are the lead characters in the show Top Boy.

Sully and Dushane Hill have been friends since they were kids, even attending the same school.

Like brothers, their bond was unbreakable, and they shared unwavering loyalty.

They also became friends with Dris Wright along the way. The three joined forces to create the Summerhouse Gang, a drug gang operating in the Summerhouse estate.

Sully And Dushane in the series top boy
Sully And Dushane looking at a person (Source: YoMzansi)

Together, they ran a successful business, selling drugs they got from the local distributor, Lee Greene, who in turn worked for the influential distributor Bobby Raikes.

Since then, Sully and Dushane have been like on-and-off best friends across the sequential seasons.

So, this has led many viewers to question if Sully and Dushane are related.

In the series, Sully or Gerard “Sully” Sullivan was born on February 13, 1984, in Hackney, London, specifically in the Summerhouse estate.

While details about his early life are not clear, it seems his family faced financial challenges.

On the other hand, Dushane Hill was born on September 12, 1984, to Wendell and
Pat Hill.

As the series progressed, we learned he had a brother, Chris Hill, Donovan as a cousin, and a half-brother named Jason.

Additionally, there’s also a hint of another unnamed half-brother and half-sister.

So, there’s no actual information on the show that might suggest that Sully and Dushane are related.

Although some information hinting such relation might come in the future. As of now, it’s likely that they are not related biologically or by blood.

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Sully And Dushane Brothers By Blood or In Crime?

As discussed earlier, Sully and Dushane aren’t related by blood. But they are certainly brothers in crime.

They have been together since the early days. They co-founded the powerful Summerhouse gang and took part in various kills together.

However, Sully and Dushane had a fallout somewhere in the middle.

In the end, during the chaos of the riots, both Sully and Dushane receive the same text message, setting a meeting point and time for Jaq to return the stolen drugs.

Thinking on his feet, Dushane intercepts the exchange, confronts Jaq, and takes off with the two bags of drugs.

Top Boy Sully And Dushane
Sully And Dushane walking together (Source: Guardian)

Now, Sully is hot on his trail.

Dushane attempts to flee, but as he climbs a tall fence on the outskirts of the Summerhouse estate, Sully shoots him.

Dushane falls to the other side in intense pain, and the two have a final emotional exchange from opposite sides of the fence.

As for Sully, he hops over the fence and reclaims the valuable bags of drugs.

He briefly pauses to observe Dushane’s lifeless body. However, Sully still has enemies.

Stefan wants to avenge Jaime’s death and starts tailing Sully after he drops off his daughter at school. Sully becomes aware that he’s being followed.

Stefan points a gun at him, but surprisingly, he decides not to shoot Sully.

Stefan walks away, and Sully sits in the car. Then, suddenly, an unidentified shooter passes by and fires a single shot into Sully’s head, effectively killing him.

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