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Sasuke Is Back? Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Spoilers, Leaks

With new releases, Boruto Two Blue Vortex continues to captivate readers with its enticing story, and as spoilers of chapter 5 circulate online, many delve into the discussion of the manga.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex showcases the later part of Boruto’s story as he returns to Konoha.

The manga’s previous chapter saw Boruto reaching Code’s location, where a new antagonist group confronted him.

Further, the encounter revealed the true powers of the enemy as they created more versions of themselves.

With that, the revelation unfolded that Sasuke had turned into a Divine Tree while Boruto teamed up with Kashin.

As excitement goes through the roofs, fans cannot wait to get their hands on the spoilers and leaks of Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5.

Sasuke Is Back?! Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 Spoilers, Leaks

The spoilers of Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5 revealed the cover art for the upcoming chapter, a Sasuke illustration.

This hinted at the possible return of the infamous ninja in the story.

Further, the leaks reveal a flashback to when Boruto escaped the village with Sasuke’s help at Sarada’s request.

Boruto and Sasuke in Boruto Two Blue Vortex
Sasuke aims to make Boruto one of the strongest of the generation. (Source: Twitter)

The duo train in the woods, where Sasuke explains several Uchiha styles to his student.

Moreover, Boruto comments on the serious face of his teacher and suggests that he should know how to joke.

He also wants Sasuke to teach him more so that he can become one of the strongest ninjas of the generation.

However, Sasuke remarks that Boruto is a genius and quickly learns everything.

Additionally, he claims that he has nothing more to teach Boruto as continuous training will help him to master his skills.

As the story progresses, Code faces Sasuke in Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5 leaks.

Sarada hugs Boruto in Two Blue Vortex chapter
Sarada wants to protect Boruto from the villagers. (Source: Twitter)

Further, Sasuke advises Boruto to run away and hands Sarada to his care.

In the following panels, the spoilers showcase Sasuke, who has turned into a tree.

Meanwhile, the Divine Trees discuss their next target and the one who looks like Sasuke wants to devour Sarada.

Moreover, as Eida peeks at the Divine Tree, the character is startled to realize they can see her.

At the end of the leaks, Sarada hugs Boruto when he returns to Konoha.

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Konoha Moves Into Action: What To Expect Next?

As the spoilers for Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5 circulate on several platforms, new possibilities for the plot arise.

Readers expect that the future chapters could tackle events in the ninja village.

Further, Sarada and Kawaki, who have different intentions with Boruto, spoke with the 8th Hokage.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex leaks
Boruto has mastered several techniques over the years. (Source: Twitter)

According to Sarada, Boruto and the people of Konoha have the same goal of eliminating Code.

Meanwhile, Kawaki still intends to hunt down the runaway ninja.

As the Divine Tree set their new target, they could also use the help of Boruto’s new master, Kashin Koji.

On the other hand, readers theorize that Code will seek new powers as he isn’t strong enough in the current situation.

Additionally, he lacks the power to fight against Boruto or Kawaki and is outclassed by the Shinju clones.

Shinju clones
The Shinju clones plan on their next target in Konoha. (Source: Twitter)

Perhaps the plot could focus on the villain and showcase his struggle and quest for higher powers.

Regardless, the new chapters for Boruto Two Blue Vortrex will undoubtedly impact the story.

Now, the chapter 5 is set for release on December 20, 2023, at midnight, JST.

The fans can access the series officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app.

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