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Does Lizzie Die In Top Boy: What Happened In The Season 5 Of Series?

The British crime drama series Top Boy wrapped up with five seasons. But the season ended with a curiosity surrounding whether or not Lizzie of Top Boy does die.

The Top Boy series is set on a frictional summerhouse estate in Hackney, London. The series revolves around two drug dealers, Dushane and Sully.

The narrative evolved into an urban tale throughout the seasons, highlighting themes of death, greed, chaos, and cruelty.

As the series progresses, it also delves into the themes of love and, ultimately, conscience.

Further, the TV series earned many awards and nominations from the British Academy Television Awards.

Nevertheless, the last season left many viewers with unanswered questions. Among these, fans of the series are particularly eager to know if Lizzie dies in Top Boy.

Does Lizzie Die In Top Boy? Find The Answer

Lizzie Kinfauns is an Irish drug lord who first appeared alongside her husband in Top Boy season 3.

She is also a drug trader with her husband, supplying drugs to various people, including Jamie Tovell.

This leads to a big change in her relationship with Jamie. Despite being married to Jeffrey, she gets romantically involved with Jamie.

did lizzie of Top Boy die in the season end
After the Top Boy season ended, fans could not help but wonder what happened to her. Did Lizzie die or not? (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the Top Boy series, Lizzie constantly finds herself in a dangerous situation, so questions like, Will she die, always come up.

For instance, different characters, like Dris Wright, Jaq, Dushane Hill, and Sully, captured Lizzie.

Even though there were many dangers, Lizzie continued her relationship with Jamie and kept doing business with him.

In Season 4, she also got involved in selling drugs internationally and travelled to Spain and Morocco.

Lizzie sitting sofa in green dress
Lisa Dwan played the character Lizzie in the series Top Boy. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

In Season 5, Lizzie takes a risk by taking Dushane’s money and running away to Ireland.

Unfortunately, this decision leads to her husband Jeffrey’s death.

So, it’s confirmed that Lizzie is still alive after she escapes to Ireland with Dushane’s money.

Overall, Lizzie’s character in Top Boy is a drug dealer with complex relationships. And she managed to get away from conflicts throughout the series.

She managed to survive till the Top Boy season ended, giving relief to Lizzie fans who were worried whether she was about to die.

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What Happened In Season 5 Of The Series?

Besides the dilemma of whether Lizzie will die, Top Boy season 5 ended with other cliffhangers.

After a patient wait the fifth and final season of the series aired on September 7, 2023.

Many people were eager to find out what had happened to Sully and Dushane, as there were many unanswered questions from the previous season.

Season 5 is full of plots involving Dushane, Sully, Jaq, and Stef.

Firstly, Jaq, a formidable drug dealer, steals drugs from her boss, Sully, to protect her sister Lauryn’s baby with the help of a friend.

However, her plan unravels, leading to a tense confrontation with Sully and Dushane.

Meanwhile, Dushane plans to flee the country and steals Sully’s drugs for money. Following their confrontation, a shootout occurred, resulting in Dushen’s death.

Dushane and Sully sitting in chair
Dushane and Sully cafe scene (Source: Daily Express)

Also, in the previous season, Sully killed Jamie in front of his younger brothers, Stef and Aaron.

After this, Aaron got a job and relocated to Leeds while Stef lived in care. Despite his desire for revenge, he confronts Sully with a weapon.

However, Stef ultimately decides not to follow Sully’s path and chooses to walk away.

Finally, in the last scene of season 5, Sully kept going on his way. But when he got in his car, something unexpected happened.

In a very intense moment, someone unidentified shot Sully in the head through the car window.

The unidentified person quickly left, and now fans are guessing who it could be.

Many viewers suspected it might be the Irish due to their earlier threat to Sully regarding his daughter.

Hence, Top Boy concluded with a dramatic finale that resulted in the deaths of two main characters.

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