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Is Hakari Special Grade And Black? JJK Power Grade Explained With Theories

The Jujutsu Kaisen fanbase is always up for debates and theories. Hakari, a powerful character in the show, is confusing the JJK fans about his power grade. Some believe Hakari is a Special Grade, and some do not.

Hakari Kinji is one of the prime characters of the hit anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

He goes to Tokyo Jujutsu High as a third-year student but is suspended after a fight with the school authorities.

After the suspension, Hakari now runs the Gachinko Fight Club, a club that conducts combat fights between sorcerers for money.

Hakari is known for being very carefree and often comes across as self-observed due to his attitude towards Jujutsu High.

But alongside his powerful curse technique, fans are left pondering if he is special grade or first grade.

Is Hakari A Special Grade Sorcerer In JJK?

As we all know, in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, sorcerers are always ranked according to their powers and abilities.

Better the strengths, the higher the rank of a sorcerer, with the highest rank being a ‘Special Grade sorcerer.’

Hakari jujutsu
Hakari has impressive abilities, but is he a Special Grade?

The Special grade sorcerers are exceptionally powerful, and most are afraid to mess with them.

With that saying, some fans believe that Hakari might be among the Special Grade sorcerers.

They think that considering the mind-blowing powers that Hakari possesses, he is already at the level of a high grade one sorcerer.

He also has this unique ability to constantly hit jackpots with his technique.

While fans can always have their theories, some believe some criteria separate a high-grade sorcerer from a normal one.

The criteria, however, are not very clear-cut and can generate some debates.

One of them is for the sorcerer to have the ability to do things that go beyond the rules of what a curse can normally do.

JJK writers may have made Hakari’s grade a mystery on purpose.

For example, Goju Satoru has a unique six-eye technique, making him a special-grade sorcerer.

However, in cases of other characters like Yuta Okkotsu and Geto, things get confusing.

Yuta holds an exceptionally high amount of cursed energy and has the Rika Orimoto curse within him.

But, these things do not follow the usual patterns of special grade sorcerers, which makes it challenging to put Yuta into the special grade category.

Similarly, Geto can manipulate and use combined curse techniques while breaking the rules.

This does resonate with the characteristics of a special-grade sorcerer, but still, it does not follow the usual patterns.

Is Hakari Black? His Ethnicity And Race

Now, coming back to Hakari, he can easily change the outcome of any event just by rolling a dice.

However, unlike Yuta’s unique curse and Gojo’s limitless techniques, Hakari’s powers rely heavily on his luck.

While his powers are fascinating, it raises a question: Can Hakari’s powers, based on luck and chance, be classified as Special Grade?

Is Hakari Special Grade
Let’s enjoy the theories until the JJK makers reveal Hakari’s grades and ethnicity.

The series makers have not revealed Hakari’s Grade themselves, but the fans continue to debate.

Some say Hakari is a special-grade sorcerer, and others argue that he is not.

Many fans are also curious about Hakari’s ethnicity.

It’s normal for any fictional character’s look to change as the show progresses.

However, Hakari’s looks seem to have changed a lot since the beginning of the show.

Some fans believe that Hakari belongs to the black ethnicity because of his skin tone in the show’s initial episodes.

Others do not think Hakari’s skin tone has changed at all.

They believe that Hakari could be an Asian character or even mixed-race.

The show Jujutsu Kaisen has not officially revealed his true identity and his ethnicity, so it is okay to leave room for some speculations.

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