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Is Sigma Dead BSD Along With Dazai? Manga Spoilers Ahead

The hit manga series Bungo Stray Dogs (BSD) is known for its complex characters and thrilling plot twists, but in the meantime, fans are also speculating if Sigma is dead.

Sigma emerged as a character born into existence within the Book three years prior to the series of events, devoid of a name or family.

When he first opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a desert full of nothingness.

Sigma roamed the barren wasteland until a gang of criminals discovered him, compelling him to toil under their command.

This is when he unlocked his information-exchanging ability, causing his captors to also take advantage of that.

However, he managed to escape from them and continued to wander the world as he did not know his reason for living or existing.

At one point, Fyodor found Sigma, who offered him to join the Decay of the Angel.

Sigma embraced the invitation and assumed responsibility for overseeing the Sky Casino, a role he grew to cherish and a sanctuary he could consider his own.

Is Sigma Dead BSD Along With Dazai? The Truth

Many fans are wondering if Sigma is really dead or if there is more to the story. After all, Bungo Stray Dogs is a series that is known for its surprising twists and turns.

However, there is some evidence to suggest that Sigma is not dead in BSD.

First, it is essential to note that Sigma’s ability is to manipulate probability. This means that he can control the likelihood of events happening.

It is possible that Sigma used his ability to fake his own death. Secondly, it’s not worthy that Dazai was a witness to Sigma’s death.

Further, it is possible that Dazai is aware that Sigma is still alive and is simply keeping it a secret to protect Sigma.

Sigma bring out his gun against his casino fight.
Sigma is a member of the terrorist group called the Decay of the Angel (Source: Fandom)

It’s essential to mention that the manga’s author, Kafka Asagiri, hasn’t officially confirmed Sigma’s death.

This means that there is still a chance that Sigma will reappear in the future.

What does Sigma’s death mean for Dazai? If Sigma is truly dead, it would be a devastating blow to Dazai.

Dazai has lost many people close to him over the years, and Sigma’s death would be just one more in a long line of tragedies.

Moreover, Dazai is already struggling to cope with the guilt and trauma of his past. So, Sigma’s death would only add to his burden.

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Will Dead Sigma In BSD Affect Dazai? The Speculations.

Some fans believe that in the manga series, BSD Sigma is truly dead and that his death will have a major impact on Dazai’s character.

But some say Sigma is still alive and will reappear in the future to aid Dazai, supporting the popular theory that he used his ability to fake his death.

Sigma with his friend Dazai.
Dazai and Sigma meet in Chapter 95 when Dazai and Fyodor fall to the ground and out of their cells. (Source: Instagram)

This would allow him to escape from the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia and also to protect Dazai from the danger that he is in.

The death of Sigma is one of the most shocking and heartbreaking developments in the Bungo Stray Dogs manga.

It is unclear whether Sigma is truly dead, but his death has had a significant impact on Dazai and the other characters in the series BSD.

Sigma, a young and idealistic boy, might symbolize the harsh realities of the world Dazai had to confront through his untimely death.

sigma in conversation with Dazai
“You and I have a promise, I said I’d bring you back alive.”- Dazai to Sigma. (Source: Instagram)

Dazai’s enduring fascination with death could be a reminder ability in Sigma’s demise.

Sigma’s death could also prompt Dazai to reconsider his perspective and choices, serving as a wake-up call.

Dazai has always been reckless and self-destructive, but Sigma’s death could force him to realize the consequences of his actions.

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