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Takaba Dies? JJK Chapter 241 Leaks, Spoilers Reddit Twitter

Jujutsu KaisenJujutsu Kaisen is one of the most famous manga in the current times. There are always some leaks around the internet before the Chapter’s release. Let’s dive into JJK 241 leaks in this article.

Chapter 241 of JJK begins with a very interesting scene where the maker takes viewers into Takaba’s younger days.

During the flashback, Takaba is still a college student, and he appears to be very impatient, like most college kids are.

In the scene, we can see that Takaba is visibly upset about one of his friends being late to meet him.

Takaba proceeds to get angry because his friend, in addition to getting late, also has difficulty remembering lines for their play.

Interesting right? Let’s continue reading for the details we received from the recent JJK chapter 241 leaks.

JJK 241 Leaks: Takaba Confronts His Past And Struggles With Comedy

This upsets Takaba even more, and he adds that even though his friend is apologizing, he does not look genuinely apologetic.

The situation escalates even more; the two friends get into a serious argument.

Takaba and his friend
Takaba may come off as rude, but fans think that it is his defense mechanism. (Source: Twitter)

Takaba’s friend is now upset with Takaba for his rude behavior.

He adds that Takaba is very unfriendly and does not attend any social events or has a very hard time finding anyone else funny.

The situation does not seem to be in control. Takaba confronts his friend about his inability to perform well and uses the same jokes again and again.

His friend blames Takaba’s arrogance on his inability to get female attention.

Takaba replies with a statement saying they need to take comedy more seriously.

The scene in JJK immediately shifts where Takaba is reading some online comments.

One comment read, “Before the act, I felt gross, you should die.”

In this scene, viewers can see that Takaba gets sad and upset, but then a colleague e comes to console him.

The colleague says that it is nearly impossible to please everyone.

JJK 241 leaks
In the JJK 241 leaks, the Chapter seems like it’s a build-up for Takaba’s massive character showdown. (Source: Twitter)

Then the scene is again changed, and now Takaba is the one that is encouraging one of his friends.

The friend is questioning Takaba about how long they can continue comedy, and they are never going anywhere with it.

The tone changes again, and now we can see Takaba himself struggling with his inner voice.

He wants to become a regular member of comedy shows, but he also does not know how his reality will change.

Takaba Dies? Takaba’s Comeback Season!

In the JJK 241 leaks, Takaba confesses that he did comedy because he wanted others to like him.

So, now he makes one thing clear,

I want others to understand me better. If they do, they’ll find me even funnier. Then I won’t feel lonely anymore.

During his realization, he also figures out that in a journey to make other people like him, he has lost touch with comedy.

Suddenly, a very surprising event takes place during the emotional moment.

Kenjaku appears to be trying to attack Takaba but stops after he sees Takaba bowing with extreme sincerity.

Takaba bow
Takaba seems genuinely apologetic about his losing touch with comedy. (Source: Twitter)

Kenjaku says, “Impressive… This is a heartfelt ‘bow.’ I only reached this level in my late 20s. Wait… why am I even saying this?”

All of a sudden, again, Takaba admits that most of the time, he made jokes to made jokes to protect himself from any emotional pain.

It was not because he wanted to make others laugh. He also adds that he abandoned Kenjaku to protect himself.

He makes a promise that from now on, he will make everyone laugh, not just 99 out of 100 but all 100.

He also promises to make Kenjaku laugh so much that he throws up. Kenjaku asks Tabaka if he will do that or can pull it off.

Now, a very important part of the Chapter takes place where Takaba’s cursed technique is back.

The Chapter ends with Takaba writing ‘Waku Waku’ in Kenjaku’s face, which means ‘Excited’ in Japanese.

So, the fans assume that instead of Takaba dying, the leaks of chapter 241 of JJK suggest a great comeback of Takaba.

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