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This Was Television On December 12

1992: Darkwing Duck Wraps Up

As a part of Disney’s syndicated Disney Afternoon program, Darkwing Duck extended the Disney Duck Universe to St. Canard, chronicling the adventures of the crime-fighting Darkwing Duck.

Alongside his sidekick Launchpad McQuack and adopted daughter Gosalyn, “the terror that flaps in the night” foiled supervillains in three seasons and 91 episodes, concluding with the final original episode airing on this date. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays:

  • Mädchen Amick, playing a small-town waitress, turns 42.
  • Bob Barker, known for being priceless, celebrates his 89th birthday.
  • Mayim Bialik, recognized as a fashion enthusiast, is 37.
  • Sarah Douglas, who has worked as a personal assistant, turns 60.
  • Mike Golic, the renowned sports commentator, marks his 50th birthday.
  • Regina Hall, known for her role as an attorney, celebrates her 42nd birthday.
  • Wings Hauser, a distinguished character actor, turns 65.
  • Sheree J. Wilson, renowned for her role as a Texas D.A., celebrates her 54th birthday.

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