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Was Whitebeard A Buccaneer In One Piece Like Kuma? Evidence And Theories

Big revelations have always been a part of One Piece and now with the introduction of the buccaneer race, fans search for answers to many questions.

One Piece is known around for its excellent storytelling and intriguing plot.

The manga by Eiichiro Oda recently revealed a major detail leaving fans and readers shocked.

After the appearance of one of the five elders, the story reaches a new height with chaos all around.

Further, Luffy is currently feeble as he exceeded the limit of gear 5 in the previous chapter.

With major characters in turmoil, the introduction of the new race in One Piece has sparked discussions on various platforms.

[Spoilers] Kuma Race: Explanations And Origin

The way of life and the powers of Buccaneer has been quite a great deal after its reveal in the story.

Previously, the series partly revealed that Bartholomew Kuma, a former warlord, belonged to a special race.

Once feared as an extremely vicious pirate, Kuma has turned into a human weapon known as a Pacifista.

Now, Saturn revealed Kuma’s true race as Buccaneer, raising questions about their origin.

Kuma of Buccaneer race in One Piece
Kuma was turned into a human weapon by Vegapunk. (Source: Twitter)

The Buccaneer race of Sorbet Kingdom appears to be one that existed in the One Piece universe a long time ago.

Further, the race consisted of people who had giant’s blood running through their veins causing massive build along with tremendous strength.

They were also allies of the Ancient Kingdom and fought alongside them in the war against the 20 kingdoms.

However, after their crimes against the World Government, the people of the race faced discrimination.

Moreover, the Celestial Dragons enslaved Kuma’s family, where his father told him about Nika.

Kuma of Buccaneer race in front of Gol D. Roger
Kuma is huge in size and normal people appear to be dwarfs in front of him. (Source: Twitter)

According to Kuma’s father, Nika, a savior of people, was part of the Buccaneer folklore.

He also informed Kuma about the drums of liberation before someone in Marijoa shot him.

Furthermore, according to Saturn, Kuma is the only survivor as the entire race has been exterminated.

However, due to One Piece’s unique character design and their size, fans speculate that other characters belong to the ancient race.

Was Whitebeard A Buccaneer In One Piece Like Kuma? Evidence And Theories

People have started theorizing how Whitebeard could possibly belong to the extinct race.

Edward Newgate, known as Whitebeard, was the strongest man in the world and the man closest to One Piece, the treasure.

As for his appearance, Whitebeard had a height of 666 cm making him close to Kuma who stands at 689 cm.

Whitebeard as a youngster
Whitebeard could potentially belong to the giant race. (Source: Instagram)

His features serve as evidence connecting him to the race that the Pacifista belongs to.

In addition to his height, Whitebeard had a long face and a muscular body with a youthful look.

Readers on Reddit compare side-by-side pictures of Whitebeard and Kuma, claiming there are many similarities even during childhood.

Their egg-shaped heads, v-shaped bodies, thick arms, and skinny legs are some of the prominent features.

Further, Whitebeard was too strong to be fully human and could belong to another species.

However, others believe that the theory only scratches the surface as Whitebeard hails from Sphinx which is different from Kuma’s birthplace.

Whitebeard getting medical care
Whitebeard has strong features and powers, making readers wonder about him being a Buccaneer. (Source: Instagram)

People also speculate that Big Mom could belong to the race of giants, considering her a freak of nature since her birth.

She had superhuman strength and toughness since childhood despite her parents being ordinary humans.

However, despite all these theories, we cannot look past the connection of the ancient race to Joyboy.

Luffy’s Gear 5 matches the description given by Kuma’s father about the savior.

Further, the huge straw hat, with Imu-Sama, can only belong either to a giant or a buccaneer.

Nonetheless, all these theories cannot be stated as the truth unless the author confirms it himself.

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